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Welcome to XoxoPet– a website that helps pet lovers to take care of their pets. We do not provide any pet medical advice. Please consult a licensed veterinarian in your area for pet medical advice. Thanks for visiting XoxoPet.com We are a group of pet enthusiasts. We provide tips for your Cats, dogs, and fishes. All the articles on our website are based on our experience. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!

Our Mission

XoxoPet is dedicated to animal welfare. By publishing pet care news and pet product buying advice, our mission is to create a better world for both animal owners and animals themselves. We believe that pet health and well-being can and should be improved through proper nutrition, lifestyle and veterinary care, but at the same, we would also like to make pet care as hassle-free as possible for pet parents. This is why we exist – to make your life, dear reader, as well as your pet’s life easier and better.

Our Research Process

Because we deeply care about animals, we want only the best for them. To ensure excellence in everything we do, we employ a rigorous research process. When we write about a certain pet care topic or product selection, we first have one or two members of our team – who are already experienced at a given subject; delve deep into the topic, so they can be on top of all trends and possible updates.

Then, they read and take into account various consumer reviews available on the Internet, so they can have a more balanced opinion on a subject. Finally, they consult with several veterinarians and animal experts to ensure all facts are checked. We believe this process creates the best results, both in pet care advice and product recommendations and that it allows our readers to choose the right products consistently.

Our Team

Xoxo Pet

Shahid Pavel

I have been keeping pets since I was a little kid. I have a cat, a bird and a dog in my house. I think everybody should take proper care of their pets and make sure they are purchasing the best and most suitable products for their pet. But finding the suitable product from thousands of manufacturer is a tough job. So I have created this website with fellow pet parents to provide you with the best pet tips and unbiased reviews of the necessary products for your pets.