Why is My Budgie Laying Eggs on Bottom of Cage?

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The first time I brought a pair of budgies, I was very excited because the seller told me that the female bird is going to lay eggs very soon. I was hoping for a few baby budgies and for them, I lost my sleep. Unfortunately, all my hopes nipped in the bud when she laid eggs on the cage floor. Then I talked to the seller who was pretty expert and I learned everything about the reasons budgie is laying eggs on the bottom of the cage.

Generally, budgie lays eggs on the cage floor for a few reasons.

  • Being fearful
  • Inappropriate nesting
  • Improper environment
  • Health Issue
  • First Time mother
  • Throwing the eggs out of the nest.

These can be the possible reasons but these facts have details that you should learn. So, I arranged today’s content with everything you need to know why your budgies are doing such foolish work. Just keep focusing on every point. Who knows, the information may come as helpful one day.


What Can Happen If the Budgie Lays Eggs on the Bottom of the Cage? 

If you are a new budgie owner you might think about what happens if your budgie lays eggs on the bottom of the cage. Well, you know that your cage is all open aside from the thin rods of the cage. So, air and light will come very easily if the eggs are on the cadge.

You must know that eggs can be fertilized if it has enough warmth and incubation. It shouldn’t be in a cold place like in the open cage. So, an egg on the open cage can never be fertilized properly. Even if the mother Budgie incubates it properly, the baby bird may not come out of the eggs so easily. So, you cannot let it lay in the cage if you want baby birds from the eggs.


The Reason Budgie Laying Eggs on the Bottom of the Cage 

There can be different reasons your budgie can lay eggs on the bottom of the cage. You have to finger out the reason first to deal with it. The following reasons are the most common ones out of the rest.

Being Fearful

Birds of any type can behave weirdly if it is fearful of any reason. It can lead her to lay eggs anytime in any place like on the bottom of the cage. There can be several reasons, your budgie can be afraid.

  • Every time an earthquake takes place in your area, your birds will be afraid regardless of its types. It takes a few weeks for it to be natural. So, when it is afraid of an earthquake, it can immediately lay eggs anywhere.
  • If you arrange a new toy or clothing for your budgie, it can be scary too. Birds don’t see the colors the same as we see. So, the color facts here. If your birds don’t like the color and get afraid, they can lay eggs in the open cage.
  • If you have some other pets like dogs and cats, you have to keep your bird aside from them if she is carrying eggs. When your birds are carrying eggs, it will be more fearful and can be afraid of those pets.
  • When you enter your hands in the cage just to give some food or water, she can be fearful too. And out of extreme fear, she can end up laying eggs in the cage.

These are possible reasons, your budgie can be fearful and lays eggs out of fear anywhere like on the bottom of the cage. Think about how you will understand if your budgie is afraid? Well, continue reading. There are some points after a while regarding the facts of dealing with the fear of the budgies.

First Time Experience

If your pet budgie is young and it is the very first time, she is going to lay eggs, she can act foolishly out of being inexperienced. She may not have any idea about where to lays eggs and what to do after. So, she can act weirdly like laying eggs in the cage.

In that situation, you have to be careful and put the egg from the cage and gently place it on the nest. Then she will learn the facts and incubate the eggs properly.

Inappropriate Nesting

An improper nest is the most common reason, a budgie lays eggs on the cage floor. If you have two budgies in the nest, it has to be more than 20x20x20 inches in measurement. And in the cage, you have to keep a spacious nest too.

The preferable size of a nest for two budgies is around 12×12 inches in size. You can just use a wooden box or cardboard box for that. Besides, you have to place a lot of nest materials in the box. It’s essential to help them having a real nest-like feeling in the box

If you fail to manage a nest and cage of a preferable size, your budgie can end up laying outside of the nest. That’s why you have to be careful while arranging the cage and the nest for your pet birds. Otherwise, you may fail to breed.

Improper Environment and Temperature

Native and tropical weather is always preferable for budgies especially when they are carrying eggs. If it is too cold, your bird may not be able to hatch an egg because it cannot handle it. It also leads her to lay before it is an appropriate time and in an inappropriate place.

At the same time, the environment should be calm and out of the noise. Remember that budgies are highly sensitive to loud sounds and noise. It can be fearful and lay eggs out of anxiety and fear.

Throw the Eggs from The Nest

It may seem weird but it really happens. Many times, birds are caught throwing their eggs out of the nest. It can be either intentionally or unintentionally. They intentionally throw it out of the nest when they think the egg is not fertilized or it is rotten. You can just place it in the nest again. And if it throws it again, you don’t need to be hopeful of the eggs anymore. Must be rotten or problematic.

Health Issues

If none of the above issues are happening to your budgie, it must be a problem with her health. Remember that a sick bird can also act weirdly. And so, she can lay eggs on the floor of the cage too. In that case, you have to take her to the vet for a health check-up.

So, you have learned about the possible reasons, your budgie lays eggs on the cage floor. Now, find out exactly which issue is concerning your case. Well, if it is about the fear of your birds, you have to learn the facts in detail. Check out the next two points to know how to deal with them.


How to Understand the Budgie is in Fear

If you are keeping a Budgie at home, you must look for the causes and conditions that trigger fear. There are a couple of signs that will inform you if your Budgie is frightened or not. If you are not aware of them you will never know if your pet is well or not. He or she will suffer without your support and concern.

Some of the common states and signs of fear and stress are discussed in the following section. Make sure to go through them to know your Budgie even better than before.

Flapping is a condition that indicates your Budgie is under stress. This generally happens when hands are near or inside the cage. Hands are signs of predators and it is hostile to them. Use the hands to treat them slowly and cope with the pet to make the interaction friendly.

If your Budgie is panting most of the time then you must know that he or she is frightened. They might not seem uneasy and you might find them adorable while panting. You should be aware of this condition and check if they are making any sound or not. When you find them panting, provide them treats, like foods and clean water to ease them.

Another condition that indicates fear and acute stress is continuous liquid poops. It might seem like diarrhea. You should check if you get any infections or an unhygienic diet. If all are okay, you should conclude that your Budgie is under stress. You can make sure of the condition by startling the Budgies.

Your Budgies will have wide eyes and slicked feathers if they are frightened or shocked. Like cats and dogs, they change their moods then they are stressed or frightened. Your Budgies eyes might seem wide open and they might not eat foods when you give them. Sometimes, they tend to remain in one spot and limit their movements.


Ways to Train the Budgies Not to Be Afraid

There are many proven ways to calm your Budgies down and alleviate their fears. You should keep in your mind that your Budgies need to feel happy and safe near you.

It is tiresome and lengthy work to cope with the Budgies. You have to be positive-minded and hold your patience to get along with your Budgies. If the Budgies are frightened most of the time look out for causes, most of the time the causes are hands, new people, or something different.

If you have other pets, such as cats, dogs, and other birds, they can be the cause of your Budgies’ fear and stress. So, you must keep the cage in a safe and separate area. Make sure your cats or dogs don’t reach the cage.

The cause of stress can be any seasonal sickness or infection, so check their health and diet condition. You must check the poop quality if they are normal or liquid. If liquid changes their diet and cleans the cage. If new people are at home make them familiar with the Budgies.

You must make your and other family members’ hands seem friendly to the Budgies. Hands and suspicious movements of human figures make a deep impact on them and they feel severely stressed. So, treat them with your hands and other family members’ hands to make the Budgies feel safe and sound.

The interaction rate should be frequent and you must give them treats now and then. Play with them as you wish but keep an eye on how they react, if they are okay then keep up the same thing from time to time.

You can also shift the cage from one place to another for fresh air. You can take the Budgies to the roof of your house and give them fresh water. Another thing is being respectful with the birds. This surely helps to make a fruitful and friendly relationship.

Budgies do not like to see the things and postures they do it like. You must keep a sharp eye on their likings and avoid situations that are hostile to them.

And don’t forget to maintain the condition of their dwelling place. You must clean the cage at least once a week. This surely helps and alleviates the overall mode of the Budgies.


What Else to Do What the Budgie Lays Eggs on The Bottom of the Nest

You know that there are many other reasons you budgies can lay eggs on the cage floor other than being fearful. First of all, you have to be careful about the nest and environment. You can discuss it with an expert breeder. Besides, you have to make sure that your budgie is not sick.

If you find your budgie is laying eggs on the floor of the cage continuously many times, you should change the environment. You should let her have a break from getting another egg. You can decrease the time of daylight entrance and cover the cage certainly. You should wait for at least 6 months and let her breed again. Hopefully, you will make it right on the way.


Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you have now no confusion left about the reasons your budgie lays eggs on the bottom of the cage. You know that if the eggs are kept on the floor of the cage openly, they can never be fertilized and no baby bird will hatch out of it. So, take an instant action to gently place it on the nest. And you have already learned what to do other than that.

Have you anything more in your mind about today’s discussion topic? Just share the question in the comment box. We are always here to look for your problems’ solutions. Thank you for your time.

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