Can a Pitbull Live in an Apartment?

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One of my friends is always fond of pitbull. But he is living in an apartment and so, he was very confused and asked people “can a pitbull live in an apartment?”. He got suggestions from many experts and I learned about it so that I can share things with you all. Even I know that a lot of you have the same confusion.

Well, a pitbull is not a very apartment-friendly dog. But keeping a pitbull in your apartment is not impossible. You have to follow the 3 basic rules in this case.

  • Choose a younger or baby pitbull so that he is not already habituated with large space.
  • Slightly renovate your apartment to make it good for your pitbull.
  • Take extra care of your pitbull and take it out every day to keep it happy.

These 3 rules are the basics. You should first learn about the nature of a pitbull well. Then, you have to take the necessary steps to transform your apartment into a pitbull-friendly one. After that, you can take it to your home and follow some tips to train it so that it can adjust with the place very soon. Well, this is the fact today and keep concentrating to learn all the details of this topic.


Is Pitbull an Apartment-Friendly Dog?

There are certain characteristics of each dog breed. To confirm if a pitbull is an apartment-friendly dog, you need to analyze its characteristics. Then you can be sure it can stay well in your apartment or what you have to do to keep it in your place.

Generally, a pitbull is a muscular medium size dog. It is well-known for its high jump capability. But it is very much emotional and can express its emotion frequently. It also has a slightly rough and tough behavior and it is very much active. For its energetic nature, it sweats profusely. That’s why it can be a cause of odor and smell.

However, you have to work very hard to train a pit bull. If you cannot make it obliged, you cannot probably keep it healthy in an apartment. As it is very much active, it needs space and you have to provide it whether it is an apartment or a villa.

So, you can say that a pit bull is not a very much apartment-friendly dog unless you provide it sufficient space and train it well. You cannot even keep it in a tiny apartment anyway. And if you want to keep it in your apartment with a considerable size, you have to take care of it properly and follow some rules to keep it healthy.


How to Make Your Apartment Good for a Pitbull

Well, if you like to keep a pit bull in your apartment, first, you have to renovate it for your pet. You cannot just keep it anywhere anyway. So, you have to make some space and make some changes in your apartment so that your pet pitbull can live there peacefully and happily.

Big living space

You know that a pit bull is a very energetic dog. It loves to walk, run, and play often. If you are living in an apartment, you have to keep the living space clean and make it spacious. If your living is not very much spacious, you can find another place where you have no furniture or other things. You just have to make sure that your pet pitbull is getting sufficient space to play and roam around.

Let it get on your sofa or bed

As you are living in an apartment, you have furniture here and there. You have a sofa in the living room and a bed in your bedroom. So, you have to let your pitbull get to these places if there is not so much clean space for it. Otherwise, it will have a deficiency of space to roam around. That can make it unhappy and dull.

It is true that a Pitbull can make sweat and it can cause odor. You can just keep it clean and hive it a bath regularly. So, it won’t be a problem to let it get on your bed or sofa. You have to let it cuddle with you in these warm places.

Soundproof wall

Well, this tip I suggest you follow not for an hour dog but for your neighbors. A pit bull barks so often and it can disturb your neighbors if they are not fond of dogs. So, you have to make a soundproof wall. Most of the time, the normal apartment walls are soundproof. You can just keep the windows and door closed when it is barking so loudly. Otherwise, neighbors can get angry and complain about it.

Set up its place

It is a very important part for a pitbull to keep it in your apartment. You have made a little heaven for your pitbull in the corner of your apartment. It is the place where your pet will sleep or feel like its home. You can keep a comfortable cushion and rugs there. Also, you can make a little tent for it. Make sure that the place has profound air and light. Besides, it must not be too cold or hot either.

Also, you have to keep the place clean and discreet. Wash the rugs and sheets regularly so that it cannot get so much smell. Also, you can place a food and water plate right beside its bed so that it can get food when it feels it is hungry. However, the main point is you have to make comfortable bedding with all the necessary equipment for your pitbull in the apartment so that it doesn’t feel stolid or close-ended anyway.

Use a Bathroom floor mat

In the market, you will get a lot of pet bathroom floor mats. You have to use one too for your pet. It will help you to keep your place clean and to swipe it properly if your pet makes it dirty. Also, it is helpful for pitbull especially when it exercises on it. A pet bathroom floor mat is not very expensive and you will get it anywhere. So, using this kind of mat will help you in many ways.

So, these are the ways you can make your apartment a good place for your pet. Don’t think that’s all you can do to keep it in such a bound place. The most important thing is to take care of it properly. Let’s see how you should handle a pitbull in an apartment.


Tips for Taking Care of a Pitbull in an Apartment

If it is an apartment you are living in and you wish to pet a pit bull, you have to take extra care of it. The following tips will help you take care of your adorable pitbull in an apartment.

Train It properly to adjust to your place

The very first thing is to train your pitbull properly to adjust in your apartment. For that, you should choose a young pit bull who spends not so many days in an open space. Otherwise, it will be habituated and find it difficult to cope with your small apartment.

However, you have to spend a lot of your time training the pitbull. First, you should train it to have a good potty habit. Besides, you have to train it to have food in a particular place, sleep on its own bed, not jump over your place, and other basic habits. But the most important thing is to be disciplined.


A pit bull is a very energetic dog breed and you have kept it active anyway. You have to let it exercise on a regular basis. You can keep it outside for exercise or just let it do that inside your home. As it doesn’t get enough space to run or jump in an apartment, you should let it exercise twice a day.

You can just keep it out for a walk in the morning and let it exercise for a moment in the park. And in the evening, you can let it exercise a little bit in your home. You can also play with it while exercising. But make sure that you are giving enough time to your pet pit bull. It needs your attention and so your time.

Take It outside daily

Taking your pitbull outside for a walk is the most important thing when you are living in an apartment. It cannot live peacefully in a compact place for a long time. So, you have to keep it in the nearby dog part and let it exercise there for a considerable amount of time. It needs oxygen and free air. Also, dogs love to stay near nature. So, you should keep your pitbull healthy and happy with a regular outside walk when you are living in an apartment.

Fed it regularly

Well, you are keeping an active dog breed inside your apartment. So, you have to be extra careful when it is the fact of its food. Make sure that your pitbull is getting a sufficient amount of food and also check if it is eating properly. If you notice that your pitbull doesn’t have a regular appetite, maybe it is not doing well in the apartment. You have to try another food type in this case or take it to the vet.

Follow a routine

For a pit bull, you should make a daily routine to train it properly. You have to make sure that it is getting food and sleep timely. Also, it is following a potty break habit apparently. When you manage to help your pitbull following a strict routine, you will find it very easy to keep it healthy in your apartment. Besides, a pitbull that follows routine is very much obliged and you will have less problem with it.

Visit the vet often

Animals cannot talk. A Pitbull is not actually a very apartment-friendly dog. But it is not impossible to keep it in your apartment happily unless you don’t take proper care of it. However, as it is hard for your pet to stay in a compact place, it can be inactive and starts suffering from different diseases. That’s why I suggested you take your pitbull to the vet regularly so that you can be sure if it is okay or not.

Other necessary tips

The following little tips will also help you a lot to keep your pitbull healthy and happy in your apartment.

  • Keep your dog’s quarter clean and tidy.
  • Always buy the appropriate food for your pitbull.
  • Buy some house toys for your pitbull and play with them.
  • Keep your pitbull properly groomed.
  • Use a dog shampoo to clean your pitbull and give it a bath regularly.
  • You can buy a dog treadmill for indoor exercise.
  • Ensure the proper ventilator by keeping the windows open.
  • Provide some chewy toys to your pitbull to save your shoes.
  • Give it your love and attention.

Hopefully, you will be able to keep your pitbull happy and healthy in your apartment by following the tips I have mentioned.


Final Verdict

So can a pitbull live in an apartment? Yes, they can. Pitbull is one of the most active, emotional, and energetic dog breeds. It is always better to provide a large space for your pit bull to roam around. But if you are living in an apartment, you don’t have to destroy your dream to pet a pit bull. Just be more friendly and sincere. It is not impossible to keep your pitbull happy in your apartment. And you have already learned what to do in such a case. Hopefully, you will follow the tips and get a good result instantly. That’s all for today. Thank you for your time.

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