Can My Dog Get Knocked Out?

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A few days ago, I met my friend Jennifer in the vet. She was there because very often her dog got knocked out. It was a serious issue and I joined her to check what the veteran says. However, according to the vet, getting gradually knocked out is not a good sign. And very often dogs are facing this problem for different issues. So, I decided to learn more about the issue and share them with you.

Your dog can get knocked out for different reasons including the following ones.

  • Getting a head punch
  • Concussion
  • Head Trauma
  • Other health disorder

Before I start to describe all these factors in detail, I need to inform you that, whether it is a pet or a human, getting knocked out is not an issue to handle with a loose hand. Whatever the cause, you should always take your pet to the vet as soon as you can.

I’m not a doctor but I discussed the issue with some of them. So, here I am trying to help you find out the possible cause and things to do when you will face such a problem. Also, a serious health disorder, concussion is closely related to this fact and so, I will try to discuss it briefly.


Possible Reasons for What My Dog Can Get Knocked Out

There can be various reasons that make your dog unconscious. Most often it is a reason for head injury or concussion. You must be thinking about what this concussion is, right? By not skipping, try to check out the following sections. You will learn about the diseases.

Your dog can get a head injury or trauma for different reasons too. It can be an accident, a punch on her mouth, head or ear, even other health disorders. About the punch, I don’t have so many things to describe. You must know that you should never punch your dog so hard that makes her unconscious.

You don’t need to have a pet necessarily if you have an anger issue or something like that. Abusing your pet is a serious crime and hurting her to death is a big sin too. However, you should only adopt a pet when you have a peaceful mind and are able to love her.

Well, a concussion is a head disease that results in frequent locked out or having memory loss. Dogs often suffer from this disease when they have a serious head injury or trauma. An accident can cause this kind of injury most often. However, you should learn the other details of these diseases so that you can figure them out. The next few sections will make it clear to you.

Besides, your dog can get knocked out when she is suffering from other serious diseases. It can be a tumor or other viral diseases as well. You don’t need to be afraid if you find her getting knocked out once in a while. It can be low blood sugar or even she can pretend it too.

You have to keep her in close observation if you find you are losing her consciousness. If she continues having such a problem, again and again, it can be an issue to think about. It’s better to take her to the vet as soon as it is possible for you. You may have to make a scan of her head to identify the cause. And the most common cause is the concussion. Let’s see how to ensure that your dog is suffering from this disease.


Common Causes of Concussion

Dogs can get Concussion from typical blunt injuries like running through any hard object, car accident, rough play, animal attacks, etc. And it gets worse for a puppy because they are with open frontals. Besides, head injury makes everything worse because it is not possible to treat the internal bleeding without a proper medical exam.

Always keep in mind that fear and pain can take your dog in shock. If you see your dog is weak, shivering or panting, or have a fast but weak pulse then be sure that your dog is in shock. So, try to keep your dog calm if he is conscious and cover him with a blanket until you reach any vet. And if you find your dog unconscious then help him to open his mouth and breath gently. In case your dog stops breathing quickly perform CPR.

Another cause can be the signs of head trauma. If you notice your dog is having difficulty balancing, walking, or standing then your dog might have a Concussion. Again, you can confirm their Concussions by the most common signs like vomiting, paralysis, seizures, lethargy. This may lead them to permanent physical disorders. So, if any sign arises then quickly take your dog to the vet.

There’s some possibility that Your dog may recover from minor concussions. But if the damage is really deep then It’s an emergency to assess your dog with physical and neurological exams. Sometimes, it’s hard to understand the concussion in your dog because the symptoms may arise after 24 hours of injury. So, before anything worse happens, take your dog to the nearest vet.


Common Symptoms of Concussion

The symptoms of Human Concussion and Dog Concussion are quite alike. And most of the time it occurs due to blunt injuries. If Your dog gets a violent hit or gets thrown from a higher place then it has the possibility to get affected by a Concussion. However, here are some symptoms that may help you to identify if your dog has faced any concussion or not.

  • You will notice that your dog’s pupil size is in a different form. Like
  • Lethargy becomes a common sign and you’ll see your dog is not interested in their regular activity, they used to like before.
  • Their neurological condition might become an obstacle while standing or walking.
  • Disorientation may occur and your dog Won’t be able to focus on a specific area.
  • It is common for your dog to vomit after a serious injury.
  • There’s a risk of seizure, especially in the posttraumatic situation.

If one or two symptoms arrive then take your time and keep them in a proper observation. But if you see two or three symptoms then quickly take your dog in proper medical care. Because your dog may end up with permanent damage.


What Is the Impact of the Concussion on Your Dog?

A concussion has many impacts, just as the meaning is, the dog will remain unconscious for some time. The time could range from a few hours to several days depending on the severity.

If the unconscious state remains for a couple of hours, the owner must visit a veterinary center. The veterinary doctors or experts will check both physically and numerologically according to condition.

The treatments are different as the situation is needed. The owner must not do anything on his or her own. Treatments are determined according to the causes of the concussions.

Some concussions might lead to brain swelling and last for over 24 hours after moderate to severe injury. This requires using oxygen, diuretics, corticosteroids, stabilizers, and so on. If the condition is minor, taking enough rest and healthy foods usually suffice.

The pet should be in continuous observation. In some severe cases, minor or major surgery might be required to better the condition of the pet dog.


How to Help My Dog Surviving Concussion?

You have learned about the common sign of dog diseases, concussions and so, you can be ensured if it is the exact diseases your dog is suffering from. Many of us are living in a rural area where a veteran is not available very often. So, here I leave some tips to help your dog if you are sure that she is suffering from a concussion.

The very first thing you have to do is reduce her stress. When your dog is stressed, she will have faster blood circulation on her head. You have learned that a concussion is a head disease and so, abnormal blood circulation on the head can be dangerous for your pet.

I think you know what to do to reduce the stress level of your dog. You have to be more affectionate to her and spend more time with her. You can also buy her some toys, treat her with her favorite foods, and take her for a ride.

The next step is to stop risky physical training. Hard training and activities can also increase the speed of her blood circulation. So, you have to stop training her with hardcore exercise. You can just take her for a walk for about half an hour or just play with her at home.

You should also buy her a helmet so that she can be safe from further injury. you can just use an old baby helmet or buy a new one for her. In the market, you will get lots of dog helmets for your pet. They are durable and will help your pet to avoid any type of head injury.

If you have so much furniture in your home, it is very essential to buy some corner protection. You will get them on the market or on any online marketplace in a bundle. You should immediately cover the sharp corners so that your dog won’t have further injury anyway.

So, the main point is about two issues. One is to reduce her stress level and the next one is to protect her from a further head injury. So, you have to ensure that she is calm and happy in your home and she is not getting more injuries at any cost.


Final Verdicts

It’s time to leave for today. But I would like to remember you one thing again. Please, never abuse or hurt your pet for any reason. If you cannot handle her, just give her to any other person or dog shop. But for any reason, you should never hurt her. If she is very much restless or making a mess, you can command her to stop or yell at her.

However, for any reason, if you find your dog getting knocked out two or more times, immediately take her to the vet. If you have no vet available near you, you have now learned what to do. So, stay well and keep your dog happy. thank you.

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