How to Carry A Dog on Your Shoulder

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Carrying your dog on your shoulder is one of the best feelings of having a dog, right? We love to adore our dogs, cuddle with them, and carry them for fun. It’s indeed essential to make better bonding with your dog. But many of us don’t know the proper ways to carry our dog on our shoulders.

There are some facts you have to be concerned about while carrying your dog on your shoulder. You should have a proper idea about her weight, your ability, the point of her body you are holding, and the ways you are carrying her. All these issues are essential to remember when you are carrying your dog.

However, some of our regular viewers asked me to write about the most appropriate ways to carry a dog on my shoulder. To be true, I used to carry my dog normally and when I faced the question I thought about it and then realized it is very essential to learn the appropriate way.

Anyway, you know that I have a lot of connections and so, I met many experts and some of my familiar veterans to learn about the issue. But what surprised me was not the appropriate way to carry my dog but some facts that we should never do when to carry our dog. So, keep concentrating and I will describe everything I learned about it.


Tips to carry my dog on My Shoulder

Well, I feel it is better to be straight and describe the ways to carry my dog on my shoulder in the most proper way. Here, I leave all the essential tips, you should remember while carrying your dog.

  • Try kenneling down

One of the fruitful ways to take your pet dog on your shoulder is to kneel in front of it. Not all dogs are going to be easy on this fact. It is very natural to act both ways whether eager to ride on human shoulders or altogether avoiding it.

You will have to give some time to train your dog this way of getting a ride. One way is to bring the dog near your face on any possible occasion. This makes them familiar with the process. After taking some baby steps for the whole process, you will have to keep your head near their reach. They do not like to be under your feet at all.

Just elevating the dog without any precautions will make the dog unstable and it might fear and bark all of a sudden. It is best to engage the dog with the shoulder first then use additional help with hands then slowly stand.

It will take a lot of time and practice. Dogs are not used to these things naturally. Some dogs might not even ride on the shoulder at all which is also very natural. So, take your time and kneel down as much as you can and play with your pet dogs in the sitting position. Eventually, the dog will get used to elevation and shoulder ride if it likes being lifted up.

  • Use Dog Treats

You will need to provide some treats to make the dog enthusiastic about your training sessions. Without any precursors, a dog will not try to learn a new thing, and getting on the shoulder is a big leap for them.

You might think, just playing or talking with your dog will do the work. But, it is not the case, you will have to provide treats or foods to encourage them to repeat the movements. Like any other training regimes, you will have to add foods as treats, you may require more than usual too.

You can crawl and kneel down and provide food to them and they will surely be enthusiastic about your commands. You can give the treats in different phases as the dog moves forward to get on to you and eventually on the shoulders. Again, this will take a lot of time and effort. You can’t get the dog to do as you wish within a few days.

  • Get Used to the Dog’s Body Weight

Before planning to lift your dog, you will have to be strong enough to hold the dog for a long time. It’s not just about lifting and holding the dog, there should be stability.

It is not easy to pick up a dog of 50-70 pounds for a long time. So, you will require some training. Many keep weighted backpacks on their back to get used to this position. These kinds of training make the body posture and overall stamina to be stable.

There are some benefits too, keeping weight makes the owner be careful of their pet dog’s body weight, makes it adaptable to the physical tolls, etc.

This again takes time, and the dog has to be friendly to accomplish the shoulder ride successfully. Once both the owner and the pet get used to the whole thing the process gets really easy. After some time, carrying the dog on the shoulder becomes habitual.

  • Check Dog’s Condition if it is Shivering or Shaking

Always check your dog’s condition, before starting any training sessions or elevations. If your dog is shaking or shivering, you should stop the process immediately, as if you continue the whole progression will waste.

At this point, you should focus on giving treats to your dog or use words of encouragement. This will increase the confidence level of your dog and eventually the dog will trust your approaches completely.

If you try to elevate the dog when it’s shivering or shaking, it may get upset or feel sick. This happens in sudden shock and fear. There is another thing to keep in mind, that is knowing the right way of elevating and placing the dog on the shoulder location.

You should also check if the dog is feeling uneasy or showing unusual signs. If any signs are present, you should not approach for carrying the dog on the shoulder. Carrying on that condition is unsafe for both the owner and the pet dog.

You have to make your dog feel safe on your hand and of course in the elevated position. Don’t rush, as it may break the bond between you and your dog. The owner must remain patient during the whole process of carrying his or her pet dog.

  • Holding the Dog with Strong Grip

The holder of the dog must have a solid grip of hand if he or she wants to carry pet dogs on the shoulder position. There are some ways and to follow the step, one of the primary requirements is having a confident and strong grip.

Another important fact is knowing about your dog and its comfort zones. The general process is wrapping the hands around the dog’s legs and making sure the grip is strong. Then standing up withholding the dog’s legs as it remains static without any usual reactions.

If you have a bad grip, you will slip the dog and both of you will get hurt accidentally. But always keep in mind that each situation will be different and most of the things depend on the relationship between the dogs and its owner.

So, get yourself prepared and try to exercise on making the handgrip sting and stable. Some common workout and bodyweight exercises help in making your hand grip strong and dependable. Having a strong grip also ensures placement stability, proper weight management, and overall safety.

If you are successful at carrying your pet dog on your shoulders, you should get the signs from your pet. As it will remain calm, lick your shoulder or neck areas, wriggle around with a smiling face, etc. You will see that the dog is in jolly mode and really happy while riding on your back and shoulders.


Things Not to Do When Carrying My Dog

Yes, it’s the very fact I was talking about and I think every dog owner, in fact, the pet owner should learn about it. Just check out the things you should never do while carrying your pet.

  • You Shouldn’t Carry Her By Her Scruff

Very often you will see doggie moms carrying their puppy by the scruff. But as a human never try to do so because you don’t know how much pressure the pups can bear and it might cause huge damage to them.

Besides when the puppy ages it brings more pain while you carry them by their scruff. Because the whole weight is placed on the neck. And if you have the intention to carry them by scruff as a method of training make sure to deal with this in a proper way.

  • Never Ever Lift Her Holding Her leg or Underarms

Lifting the dog by underarms might cause straining in their muscles and ligaments. It is often seen in children to carry out the small dogs by underarms which will make your dog fearful to be lifted.

It is really important to carry the dog in a proper way because your kids may drop the dog or the dog gets slipped. Sudden height may cause a negative impact on them. So, take your arm under your dog’s chest and wrap another hand around their belly. This will help to make them comfortable while lifting.

  • Never Carry Her By Her Collar

If you want to keep a healthy relationship with your Dog then avoid lifting by their collar. It doesn’t only ruin the trust they have for you but it damages their trachea.

But if you see any emergencies arriving like you have to pull him from the pool or in a breakneck situation then you have to apply pressure on the collar to bring upwards. So, it is important to get your dog an appropriate harness.

  • You Shouldn’t Lift Her By The Tail

As a Dog Parent, you should know that to never pick your dog by its tail. Grabbing Dog’s tail for too long doesn’t only make them uncomfortable but it causes severe pain in their nerves and muscles.

Due to these damages, they might end up losing their ability to move. Also, a serious tail injury kills their ability to go to the bathroom. So, if you really want to avoid these damages don’t ever pick them by their tail.

Hopefully, you understand why I forbid you from doing the following acts. All these acts can be the reasons for health disorders for your dog. So, be careful about it.


Final Verdict

I think you have to learn the best ways to carry your dog on your shoulder. Try to follow the tips properly. It will be comfortable for your dog and she will be happy for the lift. But most importantly, remember not to carry her following the ways I forbid. It can be disastrous and you may have to end up regretting not listening to me.

However, always try to make your pet happy and hold her in a way that makes her comfortable. It is essential to build a better bonding between you two. Hopefully, you understand the importance of carrying your dog properly. Thank you for your time.

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