What Leads to a Cat Dying Twitching?

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The worst nightmare for a cat lover is to lose it out of sickness. Most of the time, it leads them to get into serious depression. However, one of the most common problems is twitching for the cat. There are many reasons that can cause them to twitch and sometimes, they can be even dying twitching. So, I visited a vet with my cousin, Jenny to learn what leads to a cat dying twitching. We visited the vet because Jenny’s cat faced the same situation a week ago.

There can be different reasons your cat can develop twitching. The most common causes are:

  • Central nervous system issues and anxiety
  • Chronic Pain and muscular pain
  • Hyperesthesia Syndrome

Chronic twitching is not developing to its worst level with a minute. So, if you keep your eyes on your cat and take her to the vet timely, there will be a chance to save it from dying twitching. However, I have arranged this content with what I have learned that day from the doctor and what I get to learn from the internet about this fact. I think it will help you learn about the fact as a whole.


The Reasons Cats can Die Twitching

There can be in total 5 different reasons your cat starts twitching and dies after a while. If you are aware of these issues and take a good observation of them, hopefully, you can take the right steps to save your cat’s life. Let’s check out the issues that can cause your cat to die twitching.

  • Central Nervous System Issue

The most common reason for your cat dying twitching is because its central nervous system is not working properly. It is happening because your cat is trying to do something but its central nervous system is not getting a signal. As a result, her muscle is twitching just because the muscle tissues don’t get a signal of doing so.

This kind of phenomenon is happening because the neurons of your cat’s brain are not understanding what she is going to do. It can also happen because the neurons are not getting a connection with the muscle tissues properly. Generally, your cat starts twitching from the muscles of her paws, limbs, face, and neck.

If you don’t take instant steps or take her to the vet, her body can develop twitching overtimes. And after a while, it can be even worse than before. It is initially, the most critical part of her life. This time, the twitching part becomes the constant issue and it can lead her to even death.

So, the cat owners should pay proper attention to their cats. It is essential because if you manage to take the right steps, you can be able to stop her twitching constantly and even save her life.

  • Chronic Pain

Chronic Pain is a major issue of cats being dying twitching. This is different for cats to cats, but the reason is the same. The intensity of the pain depends on the condition of the central nervous system of the cat.

The pain gets unbearable as time passes. This makes the cat restless and stressed. This kind of pain moves around the body and eventually ruins the lifestyle. If any help or medication is not provided, the cat might die at any time in severe pain.

Generally, the pain moves around the face, paws, belly, and upper torso areas. The whole body aches at a certain point. The twitching level is so high that the cat can not remain calm anymore. This type of pain with twitching is more common in old cats.

This is a situation, and all cat owners should know about this condition. A cat with these pain-related symptoms along with twitching should be provided with medicines on a regular basis.

  • Muscular Failure

This is a dire cause of twitching, and anyone can notice the symptoms without any hassles. Cat’s muscles are designed to work continuously and they tend to hold or stop when the nervous system does not work properly.

This makes the cat go numb, limping, shaking, and so on. At some point, the movement stops and the cat seems very restless. After some time the cat might stop trying to move and stay at the same place for hours and hours.

In this situation, the cat should be taken to a veterinary center or given proper care as needed. If this is the first time take the cat to an animal doctor. If you know the condition then take the necessary steps to ease the condition.

There are some ways to cope with this condition whenever you notice such symptoms. The dying twitching of a cat is the worst possible condition if you do not take any steps after seeing your cat’s continuous muscular failure states.

In this situation, it is suggested to massage the muscles of the cat ease up the condition. If any medication is provided, you should give those consistently. Most of the time, dying twitching inflicted cats remain stressed, frustrated, and stationary.

  • Hyperesthesia Syndrome

Well, Hyperesthesia is a very common syndrome cat generally develops but the fact of relief is this syndrome is not life-threatening like others. If your cat is suffering from this kind of syndrome, it will have a very sensitive backside. You cannot even touch her as it would be very painful for her.

However, Feline hyperesthesia syndrome is one of its kind when you can show one or more chronic syndromes including Intense swishing of the tail, Uncontrollable urination, Loud and abrupt vocalizations, Dilated pupils, Salivation, etc.

Also, she will seemingly want to run from your home. But the most common syndrome is twitching and this is why I have included the name of the syndrome in this content.

Generally, your cat can develop this kind of syndrome for different reasons. Physical stimulation of the muscles in the back and tail, nervous or hyperactive behavior and environmental stressors are the main reasons apparently for this disorder.

Besides, hyperesthesia Syndrome can develop because of skin allergies, slipped discs or pinched nerves, and even seizures. When your cat is suffering from this problem, she can be aggressive and she will bite and hurt herself.

  • Anxiety

It may sound weird but it is true that your cat can develop so much anxiety that can lead her to constant twitching. In this case, the symptoms are the same as being affected by an irregular central nervous system. But this case is completely different because it is related to her psychological evaluation.

Because of their underlying anxiety, some cats grow constant twitching and it can be a chronic syndrome. At this time, your cat will be weaker than normal and will expose different signs of anxiety.

Basically, your cat can develop anxiety out of boredom. If you are not giving her enough time and attention it can be boring. Besides, you should often take her outside and play with her to keep her mind fresh. Otherwise, her life will be monotonous and she will be overstressed.

These are the most common causes for what your cat is dying twitching. Now, you must be thinking about what to do if your cat develops twitching, right? The next section will lead you to get a solution, I think.


What to Do If a Cat Is Twitching?

First of all, I must remind you to look after your cat properly. You have to notice again and again to check if your cat is twitching. If you find it has such a problem, you have to take special care of her.

First, you should try to understand exactly what is the reason behind her Trimble. You should never let it go thinking that it will be normal again on its own. The very first thing you have to do is to change her environment. You should also change her food as well. You can take her out to change the air.

And the second thing is to take her to the vet immediately. Actually, you should visit the vet regularly to keep track of your Pet’s health. And when you are finding her twitching, you should take the situation as an emergency. And you should take her to the vet as soon as you can.

You should know that there are tons of emergency kits in the vet. And expert doctors will also be there. So, take your cat there and let them check her body instantly. They will take all necessary steps to support her. And you have no other ways left besides taking her to the vet if it is trembling continuously.


Final Verdict

Most of the cats are dying twitching because of the negligence of the owner. I hope you are not like that and are always ready to help your adorable pet. However, you have now learned about what leads to a cat dying twitching and also know what to do in case of an emergency. So, if you think this content is helpful, please hit the like button and share it with your cat owner friends. It’s time to say goodbye and thank you for your endless support.

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