Why My Cat Poops on the Floor When She is Angry?

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The very first cat of my younger brother, Jolly was very nice and obedient. She followed all the rules and never pooped out of her litter box. But all of a sudden she started pooping on the floor and became very angry without any reason. Last day, my friend was upset about the same problem that reminded me to share the complete issue with you.

Generally, cats follow the rules when they are physically and mentally healthy. But the following issues can lead her to poop on the floor anytime.

  • Being angry or stressed.
  • Don’t like the litter box or it is out of her reachable area.
  • Health issues.

However, for my brother’s cat, jolly, it was completely her jealousy and anger. It’s because my brother brought a new cat as her mate and she didn’t like it at the beginning. That’s why she was angry and marked her territory by pooping on the rugs. And for my friend’s cat, as much as I think, it is the new litter box that is much smaller in size.

Well, I know that it is a very common problem for cat owners. So, I prepared this content with everything about this disgusting issue. You will learn about the causes and also the ways to get rid of them. I have talked to a considerable number of experts and veterans to learn all the issues. And then prepare this content to help you out of this disgusting issue. So, check out the details and thank me later.

What Cats Poop on the Floor When They Are Angry?

Cats can poop anytime for mainly two different reasons. One is related to their behavioral issue while another can be a mixed issue. As it is about a cat’s anger, it must be about the behavioral issue. So, in this part, we can discuss the behavioral issues of a cat that lead them to poop on the floor.

Most of the time, cats target the rugs to poop on when they are not feeling okay with the litter box. This is really a frustrating problem for the cat owners because it makes the home dirty with an unbearable smell. And when they poop on the rugs, it is obviously out of our hands to be calm.

However, the very common reason, for what your cat is behaving like this, maybe she is liking the litter box anyway. It happens especially when you change it. Probably, she doesn’t like the size and shape of the new litter box. Also, it can happen if you don’t clean the litter box most often.

The next problem can be the new place. Well, when you move to a new place, your cat can be stressed because she doesn’t like the new place anyway. Out of being stressed, she can act weirdly and poop on the floor. Or she doesn’t get to find the litter box very soon in the new place. So, you have to help her adjust to the new place properly.

Another problem can be the entrance of a new cat. If you bring a new cat to your home, the old cat can face a dominance issue. It will then make a territory mark by pooping on the floor. She can also mark her area by urinating on the floor too. It is now a case to get worried. Just give her space and let her befriend the new cat.

And another common reason is doing something that your cat is not really liking anyway. She can get angry for different reasons and poop all of a sudden anywhere out of anger.


Other Reasons for What My Cat Poops on the Floor

To make it more clear, the other reasons for your cat pooping on the floor are actually all about her health issues. There can be different reasons related to your cat’s health that lead her to poop on the floor. Let’s check the issues in a short.

  • Constipation

Sometimes cats are having constipation and cannot detect the pressure in their stomach. So, when they feel to poop, they cannot sense the area and then find out the litter box to poop on. As a result, she ends up pooping anywhere.

While having constipation, she will have an urge to relieve herself. Eventually, she may not have time to find the litter box when she feels the pressure all of a sudden. On another side, when she cannot poop for a while still having a lot in her stomach, she can relieve herself anytime anywhere.

Most often, cats are having constipation because of an inappropriate diet. Or she is not drinking a sufficient amount of water. Yet, some of the foods cause constipation as well. So, check out the poop of your cat if she is not acting properly.

  • Diarrhea

Nevertheless, to say, your cat cannot control the pressure in her stomach when she is having diarrhea. It is not an uncommon disease for cats. Most of the time, it is a sign of other diseases or a result of having an inappropriate diet.

If your cat is having diarrhea she-cat poop anywhere because she will have no time to reach the litter box. Even sometimes, she is popping out of her sense and realization. However, if your cat is having diarrhea for more than 24 to 48 hours, you shouldn’t let it go. You have to see her at the doc as soon as you can.

  • Pain or injury

Are you sure that your cat is capable of going to the litter box by herself? If she has pain or any kind of injury that doesn’t let her go to the litter box, she can end up pooping anywhere. In this case, you have to check if she is all right.

Besides, you have to check if she is feeling okay. She can have a fever or another bodily discomfort that doesn’t let her walk comfortably. That is the reason she cannot reach the litter box anyway. Leg injury often makes it difficult for the cats to run and walk comfortably. If things are happening like this, she must fail to reach the box and poop in the appropriate place.

  • Dementia

Is your cat pretty much older? Remember that older cats often have dementia out of being old and having an older brain. Dementia means forgetting normal things temporarily. So, this issue can affect their habits and regular doings.

Because of having dementia, your cat can forget the place where she normally has her poops in general. As a result, she can end up pooping on the floor or on the rugs. If you notice properly, you will understand that she is suffering from such a condition. In this case, you have to take her to the vet as soon as you can.

  • Placing the Litter Box Far Away

Are you sure that you are placing the litter box closure? If you place it far away, your cat can feel too much pressurized and then fail to reach the box in time. As a result, she can end up pooping on the floor. So, try to keep the box closure to the place where she is staying most of the time.

So, the following issues can cause such an irritating issue. Make sure to understand the problem properly. Only then can you take the proper initiative to fix the problem. Hopefully, the following section will help you handle the problem effectively.

What to Do If My Cat Poop on the Floor When She Is Angry?

If you already find out the exact problem that bothers your cat is pooping in the appropriate place, it’s time to fix it. First, let me remember that cats can act mysteriously for no reason. They are sensitive and can feel stressed for silly reasons. Your attention and ways to treat her are most important here.

However, you have to notice the behavior of your cat properly. Check if she is suffering from any particular diseases. And then try the following tricks. Hopefully, you will get some help and thank me for the tips sooner or later.

  • Changing the Litter Box

Most often cats don’t want to poop on the litter box just they don’t like it anymore. Often they don’t like the size of the new litter box too. If you fail to make her poop on the box, just change it. Try to bring a new box that is appropriate in size and shape.

  • Clean the Box

Are you sure that the litter box is clean? You must make a habit to stay clean by your cat. And so, she is not liking the dirty box anyway. Besides, the dirty boxes can cause different diseases too. So, you have to keep it net and clean. You can clean it twice or thrice a week. But make sure to put a polythene bag on the pot so that it will be easier to change the bag.

  • Focus on Her Diet

If your cat is pooping all of a sudden on the floor or on the rugs, you should check if the poop is normal. You also have to check her diet list and find out if she is having a new food item that can cause constipation or diarrhea. An appropriate diet is very essential for your cat’s good health.

  • Spend More Time with Her

If your cat is having any behavioral issues, nothing can help her more than your presence. You have to spend more time with her so that she cannot feel stressed or alone. Also, when paying attention to her, you can train her to poop in the appropriate place like before. You can also play with her and buy her some cat toys to help her release her anger.

  • Take Her to the Vet for Regular Checkup

Whatever is happening, you should always keep your cat to the vet for regular Checkups. The veterans can understand their body discomfort or diseases very easily. So, whatever the issue is, you should keep her for a checkup as animals cannot say it loud about her problems.

Besides, you can take her out for refreshments. You can visit a pet park or let her meet a neighbor’s cat. Just make sure that she is physically and mentally healthy. Then hopefully, you don’t have to face such problems anymore.


Final Thought

Cats are then the most unpredictable pets and can behave weirdly anytime even for no reason. Still, I have shared the most common issues that lead a cat to poop on the floor out of being angry. Most of the owners face problems for the mentioned reasons and the solutions they find are also mentioned to help you come out of the problem. If you have any other questions regarding the issue, you can share them with us without any hesitation. Thank you again for staying with us.

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