Why Does My Cat Sound Like a Pigeon?

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If you are a cat owner you must know that cats can sound in different ways. When I was young and had my first cat, I was very much surprised when my cat sounded like a pigeon. I was in fact, worried if she was sick or afraid. But things came out as something good and I was indeed happy for it.

Certainly, many of the new cat owners asked me the same question: why does my cat sound like a pigeon. First, let me remind you that it’s not something to worry about. Indeed, it is a sign that your cat is liking you.

However, Your cat can make sounds like a pigeon for different reasons including:

  • She is trying to grab your attention.
  • She is pleased with your affection.
  • She is trying to make a positive relationship with you.
  • Depression (Rare case).

Not just like a pigeon, your cat can also sound like other animals too. And to learn the fact in detail, I suggest you concentrate here and learn something essential.


Meanings of Cat Sounds

Cats are a kind of mysterious and still interesting animal. It can do whatever for no reason. But people have been domesticating cats for thousands of years and then we learn about their behavior. Cats can make sounds in different ways and all their sounds must have some hints or meanings.

Mewing is the general cat sound and she makes this sound for the normal issue. It can be her conversation with another cat or just call you as usual. Purr is another familiar cat sound and they make it especially when they are very happy. It indicates the best of her moods.

Sometimes, your cat can chatter her teeth and it is very normal too. Most often she makes such a sound when she is watching a bird or squirrel outside and then she wants to make communication with them. It’s very interesting, right?

Well, chirping and chirruping are other kinds of cat sounds that are very natural as well. Generally, mother cats make such types of sounds to grab their kittens’ attention. But if she is making hiss sound, it’s not natural at all. It can be a reason that she is fearing something.

Another sound cats make when they are feeling uncomfortable or they are worried about something. Yowl is the sound that cats make when they are not all right. Besides, they can scream when they are on the attack.

And lastly, it’s the pigeon-like sounds. No, you are not getting it here. There are several issues I need to describe to clarify the fact. The following sections will help you understand it properly.


Reasons My Cat is Sounding Like a Pigeon

It’s very common for cats to sound like pigeons. New owners are often shocked and surprised to find their cats sounding like that. Well, no need to worry at all. There is no hint of anything bad if your cat sounds like a pigeon. Instead, it’s a good sign after all. Let me explain.

By making pigeon sounds, your cat normally indicates that she is very much fond of you. And she needs your attention. But it can be a cause that you are not paying enough attention to her and so she is seeking it by making pigeon sound.

Besides, she can also sound like that when she is very much excited. For example, you are not here for a couple of days or weeks. Suddenly, you come back home and that surprises her mostly. As a result, she becomes very much excited and then sounds like that.

Most of the time, making a pigeon sound is a sign of your cat’s happiness. But there are some unusual issues regarding this kind of sound too. In some of the rare cases, your cat can make this kind of sound when she is depressed or not happy anyway. You can detect it by noticing her behavior. If you think she is not playful then it can be a case of depression.

Let me inform you once again that making pigeons sound out of depression is very rare for your cat. Therefore, you don’t need to think about the sound anymore only if she is okay. Besides, you can pay her more attention if she is doing so. Maybe all she needs is your affection and to play with you.


Tips to Get Along Your Cat to Make Her Happy and Encourage Her Sounding Like a Pigeon

So, it is clear that making pigeon sounds is a good sign. Now, you might get upset because your cat doesn’t make pigeons around, right? To be true, it doesn’t indicate that your cat is not happy if she doesn’t make such sounds. Still, if you want her to sound like a pigeon, you can follow the below tips.

  • Cuddle With Her

If your Cat makes sounds like a pigeon then It’s a sign that your Cat is Fond of you. To build a good friendship with your Cat, nothing can be as much worthy as giving her a good cuddle. Sometimes, your cat will jump over your lap to catch your attention. Never miss this opportunity and give her some time during the day for 20 to 30 minutes.

However, this cuddle session will definitely strengthen your bond with your feline. A good Cuddle helps your cat to become used to your touch. And it minimizes the stress and anxiety in your pet. So, even if you are busy while working or watching TV just make sure that you are paying attention and comforting them with a good cuddle.

  • Make Sure She is Happy With You

Having a strong bond with your pet cat is fantastic but you have to acknowledge the ways to make your feline friend happy. Well,

Certain activities might help your cat to trust your role. You also need to talk with your cat in a soft tone and continue a friendly conversation with her.

Besides, a good playing session improves the feline-human bond. It also helps your cat to release negative energy. If you see your cat loves any specific food then you can use them as treats during play sessions. It encourages them to play and become active. They also learn that the treats are the reward for their behavior.

  • Try a Cat Scratching Post

A Cat Scratching Post helps your cat to be active and playful even if you are not around. If you are a cat parent then you know that the cats are naturally wild so you can set a high-grade cat scratching post besides your cat’s place.

It helps to increase physical activity and reduces stress. Also, it makes their claws in good shape and removes all the dirt. This will make a good relationship with your feline friend ever than before.

You will see how a Cat Scratching Post brings a positive change in their behavior and they will seem more cheerful and calm.

Always choose the right kind of scratching post for your cat and while scratching you can also reward them with treats.

  • Giver Her a New Toy

If you really intend to build a strong bond with your car then make sure to bring some high-quality cat toys for them. This will entertain your cat and help you to engage with them. Sometimes, you will see your cat is making birdlike noises and it is a sign that your cat might want to spend time with you.

Some toys will help you to spend quality time during the play session. Usually, the cat is curious so don’t make the game too easy. As a cat loves hunting so you can bring some toys like mice or birds. Besides, you can make their victory sweeter by giving them a treat.

  • Respond Every Time She Calls you

If you want to continue to strengthen the bond with your feline friend then respond with her call. It is super effective to encourage them to make bird-like noises. Thus you can know her feelings towards you. You can respond to her call by giving it a scratch under its chin or behind the ears.

Also, if she is in a playful mood, you can take this opportunity too. Whenever you respond on calls it makes a positive impact and builds confidence in her. Moreover, if you have given her any name, then respond to her by calling out the name. No wonder that it is a wholesome way to continue the conversation with your feline friend.

  • Other Tips

Besides making a good bonding with your cat, you can take her to the place where she will meet lots of pigeons. It will help her to imitate their sounds. And if you manage to adore the birds in front of her, she will understand that the sound mainly makes you happy. And then she will start doing so.

Also, you can play the bird’s tone on your phone to let her introduce the sounds. You can also buy her a bird toy or something like that. Remember that if your cat is not familiar with a pigeon sound, she cannot make it easier.

However, making Pigeon sound is not necessarily important to assure that she is happy. Just look over her behavior. You will understand it by yourself. Besides, your cat can make other kinds of sounds too. And they are sometimes meaningful. The following section will help you understand the fact.


Why Does My Cat sound like Birds or Other Animals?

Besides making sounds like a pigeon, your cat can also make sounds like other animals. Certainly, your cat can make bird sounds, squirrel sounds, human baby sounds, even your cat can make sounds of a rat. All these sound varieties indicate different meanings.

When your cat will make sounds of a bird maybe it’s because she is trying to draw your attention or it is happy to see you. Sometimes, your cat can make this kind of sound when she finds another bird around her. Most probably, she is trying to communicate with her.

Besides, you can sound like a squirrel or rat when she is hungry and wants to have them as prey. She imitates their sounds so that they come out of their place and your cat can catch them. In that case, your cat will imitate the rat sound mostly when she finds one in your home. Also, she can try to call them as well to catch them easily.

Sometimes, young cats make sounds like babies. It seems like a baby is crying. It is also a very normal phenomenon and you don’t have to worry about it. It happens when the young cat cannot sleep or feel uncomfortable. Her mother will take care of her. Most often kittens make sounds for nothing.


Final Verdict

Pigeon sounds are cheerful and cute even if you get them from your cart. Most often it is a sign that she is happy with something or being excited. So, when she is making pigeon sounds, try to adore and encourage her. It will make her sound like that again and again. Hopefully, you have no confusion left about the fact. For any inquiry, you can simply knock us on the comment section. Thank you for your time.

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