Why is My Cat Walking in a Circle Around Me?

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Last day, I checked the comments of the viewers and there someone asked me “why is my cat walking in a circle around me?” Well, not one but I got several comments about the same issue. It recalled my memory of around 5 years ago when I faced the same problem. And then I talked to some of my familiar pet experts to learn details about the issue.

Generally, a cat is walking in a circle around you when she is excited about meeting you after a long time. Other reasons include:

  • Head injury or ear Infection
  • Dominance issue or getting angry
  • Hypertension or balancing issues.

These are the most common issues but not all your cat can face. There can be a lot more. So, stay concentrating and learn about all the reasons why your cat is behaving like this. I have learned about the solution to help her out as well. And I will try to include the tips too.


Possible Reasons for My Cat Walking Around Me

There can be a lot of reasons that lead to your cat walking around you. If you want to get rid of a similar problem, first, you have to find out the problem that bothers her. Next, you have to take the necessary steps to help her recover her problem.

This part will describe to you the possible reasons that bother your cat and make her walking around you. And the next part will inform you about what to do to get rid of this problem.

  • You Make Her Excited

When your cat is fond of you, It is quite usual for every cat breed that she will be walking around you. It happens because they want to show their affection by physical and verbal gestures and certainly you’ll see them express their emotions in a unique way.

If you find your cat excited and circling around you or any person, all they want is your attention. So, just pay attention to their tails or in their movement and that’s all you can do to make them happy.

Sometimes the cat rubs against your feet to express their love or just wants you to play with them. And It’s a general way of feline greeting. Even you’ll find them bunting or rolling on the floor beside you. If this case is happening with your cat, you don’t need to worry anymore. It’s natural and it causes no issues.

  • Head Injury

You will discover your cat circling around you when their head gets hit by something or falls from height. Mostly when the head gets injured on the right side, they begin to walk around their place in a circle.

Just like humans, the cat gets in the commotion and all this causes pain in their head. Even they lose their control and become unstable to move from one corner to another. As a result, they can walk around in a circle without having a proper balance.

In the worst cases, you will find your cat is not able to stand at all. Additionally, it depends on how far their head is injured, and when you notice the same in your cat, you need to visit the vet for a full check-up. The detailed x-ray will help you to understand the damage. Upon the condition, you will give them medical care.

  • Diseases

When the cat reaches their maturity level, most of them suffer from Vestibular disease. In this condition, their inner ear becomes inflamed and it makes them circling around. Even the cat fails to do their usual activity like walking, jumping, or running.

Although you can identify your cat’s breed if they have any possibility to suffer from Vestibular disease. The disease passes within 24 to 48 hours depending on your Cat’s health condition.

If it passes quickly then it is not certainly essential to see your cat to the Vet. This case won’t cause serious issues anyway. But I would advise you to visit the vet and take necessary medical precautions to avoid any crisis.

  • Ear Infection

If you are a cat parent then you must know the necessary precautions when it comes to an Ear infection. There are few common symptoms like the cat will start drooling from any side of their mouth because of the pain in Ear.

Furthermore, they Won’t have any appetite to eat anything, and notably, they’ll start to walk around in a circle. And if you see any of these symptoms, just rush to your nearest vet.

It happens because of the bacteria that remain in their ear canal for a long time. Eventually, this might cause permanent damage to your cat’s ear and 100 percent motor coordination for the rest of its lifetime.

  • Hypertension

It is quite common in cats that their blood pressure gets high due to Hypertension. This makes them confused and they lack primary coordination in their movement. Soon, they start walking around in a circle and act more awkwardly.

Moreover, this might cause them renal failure and it is observed more likely in older cats. Due to this, they increase to drink and urinate. Sometimes you will see blood in their urine.

Unfortunately, by the time you will notice the symptoms, your cat may reach a devastating health situation. So, it is not enough to check up on your cat but try to keep a calm environment in your place.

  • Dominance Issue

Sometimes, your cat can act strangely and walk around you when you bring another cat into your home. It is actually related to the dominant issue where the cat wants the other cat to know that it is her area and the owner is only her asset.

Sounds funny, right? But most cat owners experience this kind of confusing situation when they bring another cat home. This issue is not something serious to think about. So, you can just let it go and she will be normal very soon after she makes friends with the new cat.

Actually, when you bring a new cat into your home, fear arises in her about abandonment and being unnoticed. So, she wants to inform you and a new cat that she is here and she is the most adorable one. So, she marks her territory around the owner by walking around her.

  • Hypoglycemia

Hypoglycemia more likely happens in senior cats and especially when your cat has low blood sugar. If the cat becomes less active and its appetite level doesn’t fit with activity then you can surely take your cat to a check-up.

Very soon, your cat becomes confused over everything and starts to walk in circles. Also, you will find out muscular tremors and seizures and often your cat ends up losing consciousness.

Hypoglycemia also causes Bacterial infection, loss of appetite, Liver disease, intestinal parasites, Hypothermia, Pancreatic Tumours, or over physical activity after starving. However, it can still be recovered by ensuring proper nutrition on a routine schedule.

  • Brain Tumor

Although all tumors are not fatal when it comes to Cat. But a malignant tumor will surely bring instability to a cat’s behavior. They will be roaming in a circle around you in a confused state.

Moreover, you will notice them tilt their head in one side and experience seizures. It actually ruins their nervous system. So, if you can see any symptoms that match with your cats, quickly visit the vet.

Brain Tumor can be diagnosed with scans. Their excessive pacing and roaming around is the sign that the tumor may be located in the forehead. And it is very rare that any cat can survive a malignant tumor.


Ways to Help My Cat to Recover If She Has a Problem

So now, you must be aware of the reason your cat is acting weird and walk around you. Now, it’s time to take steps against her problem. Hopefully, the following tips will help you to do so.

  • Balance Issue Problem Solution

If you are thinking that your cat is having a balancing issue, you have to take proper steps to help her. You can check if she is feeling sick. Most of the time, cats are having balancing issues, when they get older and sick.

Basically, the vestibular system of a cat controls the balance of her movement and other stuff. When something in the system is not going all right, the cat can have a blank head, and then she starts walking in a circle. Unfortunately, there is no particular cure to help the vestibular system of a cat. And it happens mostly on the older cats.

  • Take Her to a Vet

Cats cannot often give you a hint of being sick. So, you have to be aware always and check all her behavior and health conditions. You can certainly take her to the vet regularly so that the veteran can find out, in any case, she is not well.

If you find her walking in a circle for no reason, you should take her to the vet if she continues it for long. Brain multinational or other issues can bother her and you should help her immediately. Besides, regular checkup helps your cat stay healthy both physically and mentally.

  • Be More Affectionate

If you think that your cat is not behaving normally and she is having a behavioral issue, the most effective way to help her is to be more affectionate. Remember that cats are very much sensitive and emotional. So, she can act weirdly when she is feeling lonely or being abandoned.

So, stay close to your cat and let her know that you are always there for her. Make her calm and be more affectionate to her so that she can be normal. If she is an older cat, you have to be more careful.

  • Watch What She Eats

Often cats are having issues with an imbalanced diet. She may not like the food or having health issues because of it. So, make sure that she is having a proper diet that causes no harm to her. Remember that being sick, your cat can behave weirdly or have a brain malfunction as well.

  • Checking Blood Sugar

Humans are not the only beings who can have blood sugar problems. Cats can have that too. Being confused or having collapses or seizures, your cat can develop hypoglycemia. It is a condition that drops the regular blood sugar. It is a type of cat diabetes.

However, this condition also causes weird behavior that leads her to walk in a circle for a long time. She can also start trembling and having anxiety or pale gums. In this case, you should immediately take her to the vet. Remember that excessive drops of blood sugar can even take her life.


Final Verdict

Just want to remind you that when you are taking responsibility for an innocent animal, you have to take proper care of that. Cats cannot express their sickness very well. So, you have to notice her steps and behavior very carefully. Anything wrong can be dangerous and I suggest not to make any late to take her to the vet.

So, the question of why is my cat walking in a circle around me is nothing to stay calm unless it is all about her excitement of seeing you after a while. It can be a health issue as well. So, take the proper initiative as soon as you can. Thank you for your time.

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