Why Is My Cat Walking Low to the Ground And Meowing

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When I was young and had my first cat, I observed a lot of weird behavior. I understood most of her behavior after being with her for a month. But I didn’t understand why my cat was walking low to the ground and meowing so often. I was afraid she would suffer from some serious issue. Then I talked to a vet and learned about it. Yesterday, one of my friends reminded me of that problem that she observed in her cat too. So, I decided to share the fact with you as well hoping some of you may get helped with the tips.

Well, a cat can walk to the ground and meowing for different reasons. It is happening most commonly for heating for the female cat and duress for the make cat. But it is not a serious issue that cat takes her life.

Most often, a female cat increases heating when they are seeking a mate. But sometimes it is not like that but of some biological reactions. Also, it can happen to a male cat too. However, I have many things to share with you about this issue. So, stay reading to learn the facts properly.


Reasons That Make My Cat Walking Low to the Ground and Meowing

When I observed my cat walking low to the ground and meowing continuously, it was about two months after I adopted her from a pet shop. And she was around 7 months in age. However, she used to be very cheerful, playful, and affectionate. But suddenly, she became very weird and behaved strangely. After a few days, she started walking lower and meowing.

To be true, a cat can continue meowing for different reasons. But walking lower to the ground is not a common reason. However, most often it is her heating time when she acts like that. There are some other symptoms that help you understand whether your cat is passing a heating time or not. Follow the next point to learn about it.

However, the thing is quite different if it is a male cat. Generally, a male cat can act strangely and especially walk lower and meowing all day long when he is under duress. It means the cat is stressed and anxious. The following signs can prove that your cat is under stress and then duress.

  • He will tend to sleep more than regular.
  • Maybe not exposing their belly properly.
  • He will bend his legs very often.
  • You will find him overgrooming.
  • He will decrease interest in playing.
  • His head will be lower than his body.
  • You will find him keeping his ears flat to his body.
  • Inactivity and lack of interaction will be seen too.
  • Often, he will keep his tail closer to his body.
  • His eye expression will be weird and aggressive.
  • He won’t like to eat properly and decrease his appetite.
  • He will often start shaking and crouching all around the floor.
  • He will keep meowing all day long.

Besides walking lower to the ground, these symptoms will have appeared if your male dog is under stress or duress. And it results in his weird behavior and activity. Well, the fact for the female cat is different from the male one and it is mostly about heating. The next point will show you all about the heating cycle of female cats.


Female Cat’s Heating Cycle

The heating cycle is a very common phenomenon in the case of female cates. The cycle is also known as the estrous cycle. When a female cat reaches puberty, she comes to the heating cycle. Generally, it is around after six months when she starts experiencing a heating cycle. And this cycle is related to her sexuality and puberty.

Generally, a cat is seasonally polyestrous and it refers to multiple stages of the heating cycle. However, in the breeding season, the stages vary according to the environment and geographical issues. For instance, the heating cycle of a cat in the northern region starts in January and lasts until the late fall.

The estrus session lasts around a few days in general. It can be six days in maximum. However, a heating cycle mostly occurs when a female cat has not been spayed. And an unspayed female cat is overly known as the queen and she contains some reproductive organs like the uterus and ovaries. In this cycle, the reproductive organs are passing through a normal cycle and it is called the estrous or the heating cycle.

At this time, a female cat can experience hormonal fluctuations and imbalance. Besides, she will experience blood vessel engorgement too. And all these signs are telling that it’s time for breeding. However, the following signs will confirm that your female cat is in her heating cycle.

  • It will start vocalizing very often and starts crying, yelling, and meowing.
  • Starts behaving unpredictably and strangely.
  • You will find her demanding and being aggressive.
  • It starts spraying urine here and there.
  • She will try to seek your attention for affection all day long.
  • She will start wiggling her hind end especially when her back spine is stroked.
  • Keep rolling on the floor now and then.
  • Keep rubbing her face on anything she gets in her way.
  • Very often she wants to go outside.
  • She will continue scratching on the door or wall.
  • Often she will lose her appetite and energy.
  • Try to be more affectionate to others.
  • She will be restless all day long and in the end, she will be inactive.
  • Some cats often try to escape.
  • Frequently grooming her private parts.
  • She will keep owling and making funny sounds.

These are the most common signs your cat will experience when she is experiencing a heating cycle. You must think if it is a life treating problem, right? Well, the next section will make it clear for you.


Is It Threatening If My Cat Walking Low to the Ground and Meowing?

Well, every cat experiences their puberty just like we humans do. As usual, cats have their heating cycle as a natural phenomenon. So, there is no reason to be afraid about it. There is no life-threatening issue related to the heating issue. You even don’t need to take her to the vet if you can take care of her in a proper way.

But if it is not the heating issue that makes your cat meowing and walking low on the ground, then you should take her to the vet immediately. It’s because she can have a problematic disorder that is bothering her. So, you have to check if it is her heating cycle or not. If yes, just stay relaxed and take good care of your cat. Want to learn how? The following points will help you learn about it.


How to Take Care of a Cat in Her Heating Cycle?

If you are sure that your cat is in her heating cycle, you don’t have to worry anymore. You even don’t need to take her to the vet or other people. Just ensure that you are taking good care of your cat. The following tips will help you in this case.

  • You can use catnip to help her relieve stress. It is the most effective way to calm her down.
  • You can also increase time to play with her and give her more affection so that she can relax and calm down.
  • Buy some packed cat food that your cat likes to eat. You know that she loses her appetite in her heating cycle. So, make sure that she is willing to eat.
  • You can also take her to the vet if she is too stressed and you cannot control her.
  • If she is very much stressed, you should stay calm around her. You have to let her know that you are right behind her as well as provide her some privacy.

Overall, you have to be calm and let her to be calm when she is in her heating cycle. As there is no issue of life threatening facts, you don’t need to be worried. If possible you can let her mate with a partner if you have another cat of opposite gender. It will help her breed. And if you don’t want her to get a baby, you can take her to a vet and get ride of such a possibility.

Final thoughts

For a cat, walking low to the ground and meowing is normally a cause of the heating cycle or under duress. And these two phenomena are very natural for cats. So, there is no reason to be worried unless you are confirmed that the heating cycle and duress are not the cause of her act. And if it is not her heating cycle the only thing you can do is to take her to the vet as soon as it is possible. It’s because to indicate other diseases, a vet needs to see the cat in person.

So, this is everything I learned about this kind of act of a cat. If you want to learn anything about it, just leave your question in the comment box. We will try to solve your question as soon as possible. So, it’s time for departure. Stay safe and secure. Thank you.

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