What to Do When My Cat Won’t Come Out of Hiding?

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Rachel, my friend brought a new cat to her home a few months ago. But for around 2 weeks, the cat didn’t come out of hiding. In another case, when my cousin, Jennifer moved to a new home, her cat did the same thing for a few weeks. And many of you also asked why your cat won’t come out of hiding. So, it’s a common question but not a big issue to think about.

Generally, cats like to stay in a hidden place when she is afraid of something. Most often they do it for:

  • Having a new owner.
  • Moving to a new place.
  • When you bring a dog to your home.
  • When you have guests.

So, the main idea is the fear of cats that leads them to search for a safe place, and they hide. Now, the question is why my Cat won’t come out of hiding. I talked to lots of cat owners and got a lot of information about it. Want to learn? Just follow the information below and I am sure you will get some help.


Reasons why My cat is not Coming Out from Hiding Spot

It’s actually fear that bothers your cat and so, she is trying to stay in a safe place. For that, she can hide in a corner, under the bed, under or behind any furniture, behind the curtain, or even in the closet. It’s only to have a safe place. Now, the question is why is she doing that.

Most often, young cats are doing things like the hide and seek play when she is taken to a new owner. The reason is just being doubtful. Maybe she cannot trust you and think of you as a dangerous person. Or she cannot trust the other members of your family. That’s why she is finding a safe place in a hidden spot.

The cats that have past trauma often cannot be normal for a while. As a result, they start living in a hidden place. It’s because she has a broken heart and some injury that makes her afraid. In this case, nothing can heal her better than your affection.

Also, your cat can be fearful when you take her to a new place. She will think about the unfamiliar place and be afraid of the upcoming danger that comes from anywhere. As a result, she will keep hiding in a place and continue staying there.

The next cause is the newcomer in your home. Whether it can be some guests or a new pet like dogs. Your cat can be afraid and then hide again. She cannot trust the new beings in your home and think of them as threats. In this case, you have to help her get introduced to them so that she can trust them as well.


Tips to Encourage My Cat Not to Hide Anymore

You have learned the reasons why your cat can stay in a hidden place and not likely to come out. Now, the task is to encourage her to come out from the hiding spot. Must think about what to do for that, right?. I hope you will make it easy following the tips below.

  • Offer Her Treats

It is quite natural that a cat needs time to adjust to a new place and to make them comfortable you can offer them a treat. And it will help to grow the bond between you and the cat.

First, you can take your seat beside the cat’s hiding spot and if he notices, simply offer a treat. If he comes by himself then give a piece of meat or any cat food from the store.

If the cat accepts the treat then you can offer some more like a reward with another piece of food. This idea will definitely encourage your cat to not hide anymore but remember to cook the meat before offering your cats.

  • Don’t Make Her Afraid with Loud Noise

Increasing the noise or making a loud sound might frighten your cats. Sounds like Fireworks, loud Bangs, thunder, household noises, or shouting give them a negative feeling during the acclimation period.

To avoid these situations, make sure to talk with a cat with a gentle voice so that your cat can understand the friendly connection towards him. You can also play calm music and it helps them to reduce anxiety and stress.

Sometimes your cat gets afraid of loud noises and they keep hiding and you’ll never know why they are doing this. So, no matter what, make sure a calm environment for your Pet Cats and the possibility of hiding will be reduced.

  • Stay Near to Her on the Hiding Spots

This is a very good option to strengthen the friendship with your cats. From the beginning, sit near your cat’s hiding area and talk with it in a soft tone. Of course, it will take time to make your cat comfortable in a new environment but make your cat used to with your presence.

Every day, give them some time of at least 20 minutes and this will help them to be familiar with your scent and sounds. So, just take some time and be patient as long as they can sense their safety and get used to your appearance, they will come out from the hiding spot on their own.

  • Spend More Time with Her

Nothing can be a good choice than spending time with your cats while they are not still used to the new environment and keeps hiding. So, you need to spend a little more time than usual to assure them a secure, healthy environment.

Maybe you can arrange a play session with your cats to make them familiar with the surroundings. Although it might not work at the beginning as they kept hiding in a new place. But as they can feel the attachment they will come on their own as they are quite active and curious creatures.

Also, when you go out, remember to bring some sort of toys which are quite similar to hunting instincts. And as you encourage them to play, start talking with them in a friendly accent.

  • Give Her Time to Get Her in The Carrier

Remember that you should never force a car to get in the Carrier. Rather than be a little patient until your cat gets used to the Carrier. It takes at least 20 to 30 minutes to get your cat from hiding and to become comfortable in the Carrier. And you have to work on this so that you can avoid the fight with it.

You can place the carrier within her reach and remain the door open. Plus, you can put on some blankets, a bed, or a towel that has the scent of it. Thus, you can make the Carrier a comforting place for them.

  • Adore Her Touching Her Nose

It is a good way to greet your cat while touching her nose. If you see your cat is coming on its own from hiding let it come to you and smell your presence. As it comes, extend your fingertip and gently touch its nose to express your love.

Usually, cats greet each other with other cats touching their noses. It is a friendly, non-threatening act among themselves. So, instead of that, you can use your fingertip to say hello. If you see your cat is still interested in your nose touch then it’s a sign that your cat likes you.

  • Lock Dangerous Hiding Spots

Commonly, your cat will hide in a new spot but don’t forget to ensure a safe environment for them. To prevent any worse cases, choose a room that doesn’t have a fireplace or any socket.

Moreover, place the furniture or objects in a safe position so that your cat doesn’t end up hitting themselves badly. Again, make sure that your drawer doesn’t remain open and especially the washing machine so your cat doesn’t jump in there.

Additionally, keep your closet door closed and before throwing any box, remember to check it. Because there’s a possibility that your cat might hide in there. And if you live in a high-rise apartment, don’t forget to close the window or balcony.

  • Buy Her New Toys

You can entertain your cat with new toys, food puzzles, boxes, or hunting staff. Although you will find them interested in hunting then puzzle it with other toys and this encourages them to get out of the hiding spot.

If your Cat is intelligent then it can surely solve a single puzzle or any challenging task. Also, they love to play hide and seek with the Cardboard box. Like this, they also love to play with paper boxes and pounce in and out and create tunnels.

Again, they love to play with fish tanks and chase the fishes. Moreover, a wool ball is a good option to keep them busy as they love to roll them.

  • Let her Explore Your Home

If you have a new cat, you should let her explore your place freely. It will help her to be familiar with the place. At the same time, she can come out of her fear of the new place. So, she will have no reason to stay hidden. Besides, you can take her to all the parts of your home and specially train her to roam around by herself.

Cats can get afraid for different reasons. But it is not very much difficult to reduce their fear. Your affection is most important here. Besides, you have to gain her trust so that she can believe that you are always there for her and will protect her. The trust will help her stay normal and never hide anymore.


Final Thought

In general, cats are very sensitive, emotional, and fearful. If you are a new owner or take her to a new place, she can be afraid. As a result, she can hide anywhere in search of finding a safe place. And you know what to do in such a situation. I am sure that you will help her being confined if you manage to follow the tips I recommend. Thank you once again for taking care of your cat and also for being with us.

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