Why is My Conure Biting Me All of a Sudden?

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I was only 12 when I got my first pair of conures. It was my first pet and I was really very excited about it. After keeping them for a few months, the lady conure starts biting me. I was afraid and then my grandpa told me some reasons about why is my conure biting me all of a sudden. After years I talked to another bird specialist and learned the details.

Generally, a conure can bite you suddenly for different reasons like:

  • Being afraid, stressed, jealous, or bored.
  • Don’t like the nest, environment, or your activities.
  • For being sick or having a hormonal change.

For my conure, it is nothing but she was fearful of my hand. She was afraid that I wanted to grab her. It’s maybe for her past traumatic experience. However, I cannot say what’s about your conure. But if you are facing the same problem, I suggest you have a glance at all the factors I have mentioned right below. Maybe it will help you understand your bird’s problem and show you the way to solve it.


The Reasons My Conure Biting Me all of a Sudden

There can be a lot of reasons why your conure starts biting you all of a sudden. To deal with the situation, you have to first learn the exact reason your bird is behaving like that. I think the following reasons may help your understanding of the case of your conure.

Being Fearful

If your conure is afraid of anything, it can act unpredictably. Even, it can bite the owner well. Now, the question is why the conure becomes fearful all of a sudden, right? Here are the most common reasons, your conure can be fearful.

  • A sudden change in the bird’s home can make it afraid.
  • When you are taking it to the vet, you might be very afraid. It’s happening because the bird may have previous experience of getting injected in the vet and she is still fearful.
  • An earthquake will also make the conure afraid for sure.
  • Very loud sound and noise can also be a cause of your pet bird’s fear.
  • If you have other pets like cats and dogs, your conure can be afraid of those predators as well.
  • You may think of surprising your bird with a new toy. But remember that it can be a cause of her fearfulness as well.
  • Some birds also fear darkness or nighttime fright.
  • If the conure is in the cage and you are trying to provide it food or water and entering your hand in the cage, it might be afraid of her as well.
  • If you have new people in the home, your bird can be afraid too.

These are the possible reasons your cute bird is afraid. So, first, find out why your conure is afraid and then take steps to get her out of it.

Traumatic Past

Sometimes, birds like conure have a past traumatic experience like getting grabbed by a large bird or other animals. When the conure will remember it, she will be afraid for sure. As a result, she can act unpredictably and bite you all of a sudden.


If your bird is not properly socialized, it can cause her to act weirdly very often. If you are taking her to a new place or meet with new people she may not stand with it simultaneously. As a result, she will feel uncomfortable and can bite you for no reason.

Didn’t Get Hand Fed from The Young Age

Some birds are grown in the breeder’s home like on a farm. As there are so many birds in a place like that, most of the baby birds are not fed by hand. As a result, they develop a habit to eat from the food bowl.

So, when you will start feeding her from your hand, she may not like it anyway. She can think of it as a trap or something else. That is the reason, she can act aggressively and start biting you.

Hormonal Change

It is not very much common for a bird to have a sudden hormonal change. But they do have it for different reasons. In any case, if your conure is having a hormonal change it turns out as unbalanced, she may not take it properly.

Because of the unnatural problem, your bird has a possibility to get a disrupted mind. It can grow anxiety in her and develop fear for no reason. For that, your bird can bite you out of fear.

Stressed out of Being Bored

Sometimes, birds are bored especially when you keep them in the cage alone for a long time. Besides, when you don’t take it anywhere or don’t give any toy, it can be boring too. Out of boredom, the conure can be stressed and then but you suddenly.


If you have a lot of birds and you adore one, the other can be jealous for sure. And when they are feeling jealous, they start feeling insecurity too. So, out of jealousy, they can bite to express their anger.

Doesn’t Like Your Activity

Sometimes, conure bites you just because she doesn’t like your activities. If you are adoring her in a way that actually hurts her, she can be aggressive. So, change your activity if your bird starts biting you suddenly.

So, these are the possible reasons your conure can bite you all of a sudden. Now, check which issue is bothering her. When you’ll get it, things will be easier to handle. However, the next section will also help you learn what to do, when your bird suddenly bites you.


What to Do When My Conure Start Biting Me

I can provide you some tips that will come helpful if you want your conure to stop biting you so suddenly. Try to follow all the tips. It’s sure that being successful in following all tips is not certainly possible. But if you try passionately, you can be a friendly owner of the bird.

  • Take your time and try to be friendly with your conure. At first, it may not be very easy but you can make it over time. Your aim is to build a strong trust between you and your pet bird. It’s necessary to help her trust you all the time.
  • If you find your conure to be aggressive in her cage, you should place the cage in a different place. Maybe it is boring or stressful for staying in the same place. That’s why you should give her a new environment.
  • You can give your bird rewards just as you do to your dog. Remember that birds also like to get rewards. You can reward her with verbal praise or treat. It is necessary to make her happy and to help her build a strong bond with you.
  • If you give her a new toy and she becomes aggressive after that, you should immediately remove it from her cage. Maybe she doesn’t like the color of the toy.
  • You have to socialize your pet bird properly. You should let her meet new birds and people also. It will help her be natural in any place and with any person.
  • If your bird is not liking your activities, you should change the way you treat her. Besides, you should never force her to do anything that she doesn’t like except entering her into the cage.

After all these treatments, you will hopefully get a good result. If your conure is fearful, you have to treat her gently to regain her courage. It may be difficult if you are not patient and persistent. So, remember to treat her gently and passionately.

Still, if you are not seeing any development, I suggest you visit a bird specialist. Maybe she is suffering from a health issue and she cannot give you a hint of her problem. However, you should always take the necessary steps to make your conure disciplined from the very beginning. To learn more about it, you should have a glance over the below suggestions.


Tips to Discipline Your Conure About Biting

This point is for the new bird keepers or for those who are planning to put a new and young bird. Well, if you manage to train your conure to be disciplined from a young age, it will be very helpful for both of you. It will help her to cope with any situation and have trust in you. Let’s see how to train your birds to be disciplined from a young age.

  • From a very young age, you should keep feeding her from your hand. You have to make your conure familiar with your hands.
  • You have to talk with her and command her to learn things. Like when you say it’s time for food, it will start eating.
  • Reward method is very helpful to train your young bird. You have to make her understand what you are treating her. You can reward her a few times a week.
  • You should always ignore if your bird is biting you. Then she will think that this kind of act is not working. And so, she will stop doing so.

If you want to train your bird in your own way, you should always choose a very young bird. Remember that young birds are easy to train and they can catch the training method easily. So, it is always better to go for a young bird and to train it yourself. Otherwise, she may not be socialized properly and for any reason, she can start biting you.


Final Thoughts

Conure is the most popular parrot breed that people love to pet. Some people train their conure so perfectly that they don’t need a cage to keep her side-by-side. They just use a harness and keep her birds free. However, if you train your bird properly it will be disciplined. Then you don’t have to think about why is my conure biting me all of a sudden. Hopefully, you have answers to your questions.

Still, if you want to learn something else about the fact, you can ask it in the comment section. Very soon, we will find the answer and help you get it as well. Your support is our encouragement. Thank you.

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