Is It Okay to Cover a Dog with a Blanket?

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Is it okay to cover a dog with a blanket? Well, it is a question I am asked very often especially by the new and young owners. To be true, young pet owners are very much emotional and sensitive to their pets and so, they don’t want to harm their pet anyway. However, after getting the same question from several people, I decided to talk to some experts and learn about the matter. And here, I am to share everything about covering a dog with a blanket with all of you.

Yes, you can cover your dog with a blanket. But there are several facts that you have to be careful of while covering the dog with a blanket. You have to be aware of:

  • The temperature of the environment
  • If she is comfortable with the blanket
  • If you are covering her with a blanket properly.

However, a dog always wants a warm and soft place to sleep. So, most of them love to have a blanket. But you have to understand if she feels really comfortable with it. There are some details and essential factors related to the topic that you need to know. So, keep focusing, and then I promise, you will have no doubt about the blanket issue for your dog.

Cover a Dog with Blanket

When Should You Cover Your Dog With a Blanket?

Most of the time, dogs love to sleep with a blanket especially if it is winter. A blanket makes her warm, comfortable, and calm. So, you can cover your dog with a blanket if it is cold inside your home or even outside anyway. It is true that you shouldn’t cover her up every time anyway. You have to understand the temperature and her sensitivity to the temperature.

However, if your dog is feeling cold it will give you some hints. The hints can be of two different types. The first one is her behavioral uneasiness that you can notice while she is seeping. In another hand, the next type of hint appears on her body. In this case, she will suffer some health issues regarding the cold.

The following symptoms will help you understand if your dog is cold while sleeping. The following symptoms are not associated with her health issues but her behavioral problems that can hint that she is cold while sleeping.

  • It will be shaking or shivering after a while or continuously.
  • You will notice some changes in her behavior.
  • she will seem anxious, stressed, or uncomfortable.
  • She will try to keep walking or try to turn around from her bed.
  • She will start seeking places for shelter that are comfortable.
  • She will start whining or barking
  • She will lift her paw off the ground.

Well, if you have found these issues when she is sleeping, you can be sure that she needs a blanket. Some dogs have a lower sense while sleeping. They don’t get what is happening around them when they are sleeping and for this reason, they may not show any hints of getting cold at night. Then what to do? Relax! If they cannot show hints while sleeping, she will have physical hints of getting cold.

If your dog is cold at night as she is not covered with a blanket, she will show some physical hints on her body. You can consider the following points as the hints of getting cold when they are sleeping.

  • The skin areas of your dog’s mouth especially around the nose will be too dry. Remember, it is a sign that her body is not tolerating the cold temperatures outside.
  • You will get signs of tiredness and sleepiness in your dog, then it might be feeling cold. And cold experiences can make her anxious and stressed.
  • If your dog shakes or trembles when you take it outside, maybe she is doing this because she is feeling cold. And that reminds her of the cold feeling of the night.
  • She will have slow breathing and it is another sign of your dog feeling cold.
  • Extreme cold feelings can make your dog’s movements too slow, clumsier, and stiffer.
  • Her muscles will become stiff due to cold.
  • If a certain part of her body becomes numb, it can also be a reason for continuously being cold especially at night.

So, these are the basic ways you will learn if your dog needs a blanket while sleeping. Well, covering your dog with a blanket has a lot of benefits. The next section is all about that. And there is another point that will also show when you shouldn’t put a blanket on her. So, don’t skip and keep focusing.


Why It Is Essential to Cover Your Dog with a Blanket?

If the temperature is cold outside, you should always keep your dog covered with a blanket. The following reasons will help you learn the benefits of covering your dog with a blanket.

  • Relaxing and Soothing

Dogs really need comfortable blankets in all the seasons, it helps them sleep properly and aids in daily recovery. The blanket should be soothing. A comfortable blanket is a must for the sound sleep of your dog. This blanket makes them feel at home and they get the vibe that the owner loves them.

Most pet owners do not sleep with their pets, whether it is a dog or a cat, so it is the owner’s duty to allocate at least one relaxing blanket for your dog. A high-quality dog blanket tends to be well-designed and long-lasting. It must be comforting and soothing for the dogs. You can find a good quality dog blanket in any pet store.

  • Makes the Atmosphere familiar

You must rub the newly purchased dog blanket with your body to attach your scent with it. This makes it even more comforting to your pets. The presence of the owner is the most comforting feeling for a pet dog. If you are always out and the dog has to stay home, you must have a pair of dog blankets with your touch around the house.

Another thing is the dogs tend to stay in the same room as their owners, this makes them feel like a family. If you keep them in another room, they will feel uneasy, and eventually, the relationship will deteriorate. Here, the blanket trick shines and with a comforting blanket, the dogs will always feel your presence around them, even when you’re not around for some time.

  • Offers adequate warmth

One of the most important parts of a dog blanket is keeping the dogs warm in cold weather. Most parts of the world are quite cold and nights are even more frosty. You might think the heavy fur cover is enough for your pets, but it’s not. On the other hand, they feel the cold more severely than us. So, a dog blanket of high quality is a must for every dog owner.

A dog blanket makes sure the safety of your dogs and helps them sleep properly. You should place the dog blanket in a dedicated place such as a dog crate or dog bed so that they acknowledge it’s their property. Without a comfortable blanket, dogs will have low stamina and fatigue for the lack of sound sleep. You must buy a high-quality dog blanket otherwise it will not last for long.

  • Aids in Sleep quality

Dogs generally sleep around 12-14 hours a day. A highly active dog will require at least 11-13 hours of sleep, so the sleep periods should be as comforting as possible. If the dog does not sleep well, its health will deteriorate and it will remain sluggish while awake.

However, a high-quality dog blanket is a must for their sleep quality and proper sleep adds up the life force of the dogs. So, you must give your dog a nice blanket and keep it clean when necessary. Buy a pair of the same blankets if possible, it will save you from extra hassles.

Cover Dog with Blanket

How to Cover My Dog Properly with a Blanket?

Covering your dog with a blanket is definitely essential. But covering her in the proper way is the most essential in this case. Most of us just put the blanket over the dog not seeing if she is covered properly. It makes her uncomfortable and causes breathing problems.

Choosing the right blanket is also necessary as well. You have to ensure that the blanket is breathable and comes in the right size. A breathable blanket lets her have proper breathings even if she is completely under her blanket. Besides, it should be light in color but make sure that the color is not too bright that can cause irritation to her eyesight.

Besides a blanket, you have to notice the breeding of your dog as well. A good blanket will never help if the bedding is not very much comfortable. You can keep a fur rug on the mattress to make the bed softer and more comfortable. Remember that dogs always like a soft place to sleep.

Well, while covering your dog with a blanket, you have to ensure that her head and nose are out of it. Otherwise, it will be difficult for her to have breathing. Besides, you have to make sure that she is properly covered and it makes her comfortable.


When Shouldn’t I Cover Her with a Blanket?

There are some situations when you shouldn’t use a blanket to cover up your dog. Think about the temperature of the current environment. Do you think it is too cold to get a blanket on? If not, you don’t need to wrap up your dog with a blanket.

Also, check if she is continuously removing the blanket from her body. If she is doing so, it means she doesn’t feel comfortable with the blanket. If the temperature is too cold, you should try it with another blanket. It’s because perhaps she is not feeling comfy with the particular blanket.

You also have to check if she is in hearing exchange timing. If yes, you should cover her with a blanket anyway. It can make her feel uneasy and hot. Also, it is essential to check the difference between your and your dog’s body temperature and the sense of the temperature of the environment.

When you have a proper idea about her temperature sensitivity, you will automatically understand when you should cover her up using a blanket. You can just understand it after noticing her behavior for a few days. However, like a man, your dog also needs a comfortable place to sleep. So, you have to make her bed according to her requirements. If she needs a blanket, you have to provide it and if she doesn’t need it, you should never force her to follow that.


Final Thought

So, the answer to the question if it is okay to cover a dog with a blanket is yes, you can do it. At the same time, you have to notice the temperature and her comfortability. Remember not to cover up by force when she doesn’t want it. It can cause heating exchange and make her sick. Besides, always try to cover your dog using the blanket properly.

It’s time to get the goodbye. Don’t forget to mention anything that you want us to cover about your pet. We always prioritized your problems and tried to bring all information to help you get the solution. Thank you for your time.

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