Why Does My Dog Have to Sleep Touching Me?

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Suddenly, for no reason, my dog came to me at night and demanded to sleep next to me. She is not a new dog and she is staying in my home for about 4 years. And it is the very first time she did so. Also, another of my friends asked me about why his dog has to sleep touching him.

However, dog’s behavior is quite mysterious and unpredictable. Generally, new and young dogs want to sleep next to the owner out of being afraid. But sometimes, a mature dog in a familiar place can do so. However, I didn’t take the fact lightly and wanted to learn every possible reason behind it. And that’s why I am here today.

Generally, your dog can demand to sleep touching you when she is afraid of sleeping alone. Besides, some other reasons including the following can bother her.

  • She doesn’t like her new bed.
  • She is afraid of the new place or a guest in your home.
  • She is suffering from depression or anxiety.
  • She wants to protect you.

However, whatever the reason is, you can successfully encourage your dog to sleep alone on her bed. Want to know how? Well, first let me describe if it is all right to sleep next to your dog and the possible reasons for your dog to wish to sleep next to you. I am assuring you that you will learn something very important if you are a new dog owner or planning to have one.


Is It Okay to Let My Dog Sleep Touching Me?

Let’s learn about what the physicians say about a dog’s sleep next to you. If you have a hygiene issue, it’s better not to do so. You can only allow your dog to sleep next to you if you think she is properly clean and has no unhygienic issues. Besides, you have to check if she is suffering from any health disorder. It’s okay not to sleep beside a sick dog.

On another side, some researchers also found that dog owners have a comparatively good sleep if they are sleeping with their pet. In that sense, it’s completely dependent on your feelings. If you think you feel better sleeping next to your pet, it’s okay until she is healthy and safe.

So, if you let your pet dog sleep next to you, first ensure that she is healthy and in a good mood. Next, it’s your duty to clean her properly. You can use a dog shampoo to clean your dog properly. However, let’s see the reasons why your dog demands to sleep touching you.


Why Does My Dog Want to Sleep Touching Me?

Your dog’s sleeping behavior can be noticed based on two issues. You have to be concerned if she is new in your home or she is an old one. If you have a new dog, maybe she is afraid of sleeping alone and then she want s to sleep touching you.

Most of the time, young dogs want to sleep touching you. It’s because she is afraid of a new place or of a new person in your home. But if your dog who is with you for long, comes to your bed and wants to sleep next to you, you have to be more concerned. It can be a reason for her discomfort.

Do you make a new bed for your pretty dog? Remember, it can also be a reason for her discomfort and then leads her to leave her bed and sleep next to you. It happens if you have your dog for a long time and suddenly change her bed.

These are the very common reasons but we find some others too. Actually, we talked to a lot of experts and learned something about the facts. The following reasons are very common for what your dog wants to sleep next to you.

  • She Feels Protected

Usually, dogs are most likely to stay in a group. Young dogs are looking for their mother in the early days. Your dog can feel insecure when she is alone. Maybe that is the reason why your dog wants to sleep touching you.

With this touch, she feels safe and secure with you. She makes sure that you are around when she is sleeping. Also, she feels the same way around in a group.

  • She Can have Separation Anxiety

If you notice that your dog sleeps touching you only when you are about to go out in the daytime. But she doesn’t do that after you come home then she has an anxiety issue.

She is worried when you are not around. So she is concerned about whether you are going to leave the house. That is why she touches you while sleeping and gets aware of separation.

  • She Feels It’s a Sign of Your Affection

Of course, your dog loves you. There are times when she wants to show it. This is a way to express their affection. Her gestures will help you to become certain of this case.

You will observe that before going to sleep, she is patting her stomach or back. You don’t have to get worried much if this is the reason. It’s just because she adores you.

  • She Wants to Protect You

Another reason is that your dog has some protective instinct for you. Moreover, she can get possessive about you at times. You will know during her sleep if she faces towards the main door.

The reaction tends to happen more often whenever there are other pets visiting your home. It can also occur when new people come to your place. She wants to ensure your security.

  • She Finds It Encouraging

There are possibilities that you might have unconsciously inspired her to do so. Like maybe you patted her back or rubbed her belly affectionately at the time she was touching you before her sleep.

Perhaps you gave her anything that she wanted just after she did something like this. You can change this habit by giving her rewards for sleeping in the position you want.

  • Maybe She Is Seeking Your Attention

Sometimes your dog seeks more attention from you. She might want to get some extra care. If you see that she is repeating this behavior frequently, it is the sign that she wants you to notice her.

Previously, you might have shown more affection when she touched you while she was sleeping. Consequently, she will do it more at times you are not paying heed to her.

  • Maybe She Needs Something

At around the time she wants to get anything or she needs specific things like food or toy, she can sleep touching you. Whenever she wants to go for a walk with you.

This indicates that she is waiting for your response. Look carefully at her routine to understand the reason behind it. Maintaining her requirements might solve the problem.

  • She Finds It Comfortable

Touching you during her sleep can make her feel better and cozier. Due to that, it is not unusual for her to do so. Possibly she feels warm beside you.

Instead of her own bed, she can intend to sleep around you more. When there is no other weird change in her behavior, then it is rather because enjoys your company.

Check if any of the following reasons are bothering your dog. If yes, it’s time to take initiative and help her sleep alone if you don’t want her to sleep next to you. Hopefully, the following section will help you to encourage her to sleep alone on her own bed.


How Can I Encourage My Dog to Sleep on Her Bed?

You have to encourage your dog to follow two ways regarding the dog’s status. If she is a new dog you have to help her in a way. But if she is living with you for long, you have to take different initiatives. Let’s see how to deal with that.

Encouraging a new dog is not very difficult. You have to gain her trust first. It’s better to make her bed near your bed. Then you have to ensure that it is comfortable and soft. You also have to introduce the bed to your dog properly. Make sure that she is liking the bed.

Besides, you have to train her to sleep on her bed from the very first day. It will help her to make a habit of sleeping in her bed regularly. Also, you should let her take a nap time on her own bed too. After times, you can move her bed gradually and then fix a place outside or inside your room for her.

Let’s talk about the mature dog. It is quite unnatural for a dog to demand sleeping next to you all of a sudden. You have already learned about the reasons. It happens mostly because she is afraid of something. So, first you have to find out the cause of her fear. You can simply comfort her and let her sleep in your room, on a corner.

You should also fix a bedtime so that she will gradually develop a habit of sleeping at a particular time. When she is sleepy, she will automatically move to her own place and start sleeping. You also have to command her to sleep at a particular time on her own bed. Besides, you can sometimes give her rewards for acting like a good girl.


Final Words

I can now anticipate that you have got all your answers to the question, why my dog has to sleep touching me, right? In a nutshell, I must say, sleeping next to your dog is not dangerous unless she is clean and healthy. And you have also learned how to encourage her to sleep alone on her own bed. So, here I take my leave. Thank you a million folds for staying with us.

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