Why is My Golden Retriever Panting at Night?

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The golden retriever is probably the most popular pet dog breed. They are adorable and easy to train. However, there are some problems retriever owners often face with them. Last week, my friend Jennifer called me at night and asked, “why is my golden retriever planting at night?” Few of my other familiar persons also ask the same question. So, I visited my expert uncle and veteran friend to investigate the issue.

A golden retriever can start panting at night for different reasons. The most common problem is heating exchange. And the others include:

  • Being stressed, anxious, or afraid
  • Any health issue like allergy
  • Unfamiliar person and environment

However, Jennifer has a new golden retriever and most probably the dog was panting out of separation anxiety or being in a new place. Well, if your pet is facing the same problem, you are just in the appropriate direction. It’s because I aimed to share everything I have learned about the panting dog recently. Hopefully, you will get some solution for your adorable retriever.


The Reasons My Golden Retriever is Panting at Night

We formed a team to investigate dog problems and learn about specific common issues. Panting at night is one of the very common issues a dog normally faces. And we have discovered a lot of reasons behind it. If your dog has the same issue, the first thing you should do is to find out the particular reason. Hopefully, the following information will be helpful for you.

  • Being Stressed

Well, it is common for Golden Retrievers to pant while they are stressed. They can be stressed for a lot of reasons. And when they are having any stressed issue, their body posture will automatically change, even if they fear being with their beloved owner.

The most common symptoms are hiding, shedding, and attempting to escape. Besides, you will see that they are avoiding people or any particular situation. Sometimes, they end up gasping for breath if they are stressed for any certain affairs.

  • Heat Exchange

Perhaps, it is the most common case, a dog starts panting at night. Generally, dogs don’t have sweat glands. As a result, they can’t sweat or overpass the body heat very much easily. Relax! it is not a serious issue about what you have to be worried. So, there is no need to be worried about that.

You can simply help her come down and be cool. You can follow any particular way to help her to be cool. You can even let her have a bath or place her in front of the air conditioner.

  • Being Fearful

Most of the golden retriever does not feel safe in a fearful place. It might be because of the abusive environment. Also, when someone yells at them, they get frightened. Just like being stressed, your dog can behave weirdly if she is afraid of something.

And when their owners mistreat them and scare them with fearful objects, they find it hard to be normal again. Besides, it can be afraid because of an earthquake, an accident, or even loud music too.

  • Separation Anxiety

We all know that dogs have emotions a lot like humans. A new environment or new owner might be good for them. But it also causes stress being in a new situation or roaming around with a new owner.

As a result, separation anxiety makes them awake and panting at night. And it is very common for Golden Retrievers to behave like this at night while remembering the previous owner or partner. In this case, you have to be more connected with it. You must ensure it is a safe and trusting place with a nice bonding.

  • Senior Anxiety

It is very common to pant when it comes to the older dog. Especially, you will find Golden Retrievers are having a tough time because their physical and mental health grows as a dog ages. Generally, it happens after they are 10 or above.

However, this change affects a lot in their sleep cycle. That’s why you will find them anxious and panting almost every night. In this case, you have to keep her to the vet regularly. You have to make sure that she is physically strong and mentally peaceful.

  • Allergy

Allergies are another reason for which you will find her stressed. It may happen because of new food habits or new environments. Therefore, it is not always anxiety that makes your dog panting but the allergies are the reason.

If your dog is suffering from an allergic reaction, it will behave weird and will be more hyper.

To prevent allergies, you can add Salmon Oil to their diet. Besides, you should notice her behavior every time you treat her with something new. Also, you should keep her to the vet regularly.

  • Just Got a New Owner

It is very common for Golden Retrievers to adjust to their new owner. Even if it is quite beneficial for them but at the same time, they find it quite stressful and challenging. It happens especially when they change the owner.

They find it challenging adjusting to a new place, living with new people, or living in a whole new environment and this makes them panting overnight. Just be more connected and friendly with your dog to make yourself trusted to her.

  • Health Issue

You have to be alert in this case because it is quite hard to understand their pain in the first place. Notice properly if they are suffering from any health issues.

You will find them panting at night and it is a very common symptom if they are sick. But it is true that they will pant in all-rounder day and night. The health issues may arise due to their adjustment in living areas, heat, or anxiety. So, you have to be more alert about their food habits and surroundings.

  • The Environment is not comfortable

You can reduce their stress and anxiety by ensuring a calm environment for Golden Retrievers. Because they become more stressed in an abusive home or in a different place.

But it is also a relief that they can retreat themselves in a safe space. So, it is clear that an unsafe environment at night leads them to be stressed or anxious and this makes them panting at night.

So, these are the very common reasons your adorable dog can start panting at night. So, notice which reason is happening to her, and then you can take the necessary steps to help her. Then, first, learn how to help her overcome this situation.


How to Help a Panting Dog?

Once you have learned about the reason that is bothering your golden retriever, it is time to deal with it. Well, there are several ways you can help your retriever if she is facing a similar situation. But let me inform you first that you should never let it go. It can be life-threatening if you don’t take good care of her and find out the reason behind her panting.

  • Exercise

You should make sure that your pet dog is engaging with an adequate time of exercise. Remember that your pet dog can blow off some steam if she is getting proper exercise and simulation. Besides, it helps them to stay fit and strong.

Lack of exercise can cause anxiety and make her bored. Also, if she stops exercising for a long time, it can make her weaker and inactive. As a result, she can be bored and lose interest in living playfully. So, ensuring proper exercise time is very important.

  • Ensuring Comfortable Environment

Are you sure that your retriever is feeling comfortable with the environment of your home? In most cases, dogs don’t feel comfortable in a new place. So, if you have a young and new dog, you have to notice if she is staying comfortably.

Remember that a dog in an uncomfortable place can be bored, stressed, and anxious very soon. So, you have to make an effort to create a comfortable environment for her anyway. You can make a comfortable bed for her or you can take her on your bed too.

  • Be More Friendly

Well, it is the most important fact when you have a new dog. You have to make sure that you are giving sufficient affection and time to the golden retriever. Otherwise, it can be anxious and then becomes stressful.

Separation anxiety is very common if you bring them from another owner. Maybe the dog is not trusting you. So, you have to comfort her, play with her, and also adore her. You can hand feed her to be the trusted one. There is actually no alternative to your company to the dog if she is not feeling all right.

  • Supplements

The dietary supplements can also help your dog to get out of her anxiety and depression. But it is not always suggested. Only if you have tried all other options and nothing works, you should go for a supplement.

There are several anxiety relief supplements for dogs available in the pet shop or different online shops. You can try CBD oil in this case too. It is known as a very good anxiety reliever.

  • Visit a Veteran

When you cannot understand exactly what is the reason behind your golden retriever pant at night, you have to take her to the vet. Maybe she is suffering from health issues like allergies. And this weakness makes her uncomfortable and uneasy.

However, it is always suggested to take your dog to the vet regularly. It’s because pets cannot talk and so, they cannot tell you about what situation they are going through. But they give you some hints. Panting at night can also be a hint of being weak or having an injury. So, be careful of that.


Final Thought

Now, you don’t have to ask anyone why your dog is panting at night. You have learned the reasons as well as the solutions. Golden retrievers are very sensitive and emotional. They can be stressed and anxious very easily. And their panting act is most commonly a symptom of being bored, anxious, and stressed. So, make sure that you are accompanying your pet properly.

Do you want us to cover up any particular topic about pets? If yes, just leave that on the comment box. Surely, we’ll investigate the matter and come to you with all the essential tips and tricks. See you very soon with something new. Till then stay safe and very much connected to your pet. Thank you.


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