How Do You Clean A Self-Cleaning Litter box

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Nowadays, people tend to use litter boxes because of their busy lifestyle. They are always on the go. So, they don’t have much time to take care of their pets. Thankfully over the last few years, there’s a great invention called self-cleaning cat litter box, which helps some of the work out of taking after your cat.

Since many pet owners prefer not to let them roam around and excrete because of the outside danger, they let their pet use the self-cleaning litter box.  Now, the regular use of the litter box gets dirty, so cleaning the litter box is very necessary. With regular cleaning and proper maintenance, you can keep it clean and hygiene.

In this article, we will know that, how do you clean a self-cleaning litter box. So, let’s get through the facts.


How does A Self Cleaning Litter Box work

Self-cleaning litter boxes have been around for a few years now. But the industry is constantly improving, and the products are becoming better and better in every release. It was designed over probably sixteen years ago. It is designed to essentially solve our problem of cleaning. The little box is uniquely designed to help make owning a pet easier than ever and features some great extras that help ensure that your home doesn’t get bogged-down with stubborn pet odors. It’s easy to maintain and clean. If you are using a self-cleaning litter box, then it’s quite easy and time saving for you than a normal litter box. It’s really convenient for you because you don’t have to keep tracking to make sure that the thing is clean and don’t have to physically take out the waste that nobody really wants to do.

In fact, the self-cleaning litter box has a large carbon filtered waste drawer that helps neutralize odors and prevent them from contaminating your home. It also has a variety of great features to ensure that you don’t have to clean on your own. It does not require user interaction. All you need is to clean the litters around the box and add more litter after some time. It washes the odors itself clean; you just need to touch a button and program the cleaning to your schedule. This litter box is an automatic litter box that continuously self-cleans throughout the day. It’s quite slow-moving bowls constant returns making one-fourth rotation per hour, during this time waste is shifted out and carried up into the cupboard removable waste bin, you just have to clump the litter, and the litter box does all of the work for you. This self-cleaning litter box is both economically and environmentally friendly.


How to Clean a Self-cleaning Cat Litter Box

Unlike a normal cat litter box, a self-cleaning cat litter box reduces mess and odor. The integrated carbon filter helps eliminate odors and reduces litter tracking. It officially maximizes the litter and eliminates that need to scoop. The waste bin collects waste clumps for easy disposal. Once the shifting action is complete, the waste clumps will be deposited in the waste bin, and then the clean litter will be recycled back into the cat pan.

However, it is vital not to take out the waste tray right after the cat used it because the litter may not have had enough time to clump properly.

You can also use a liner that fits into the base of that waste bin. The liner’s use will prevent waste clumps from sticking to the surface, especially in the case of messy situations. Self-cleaning litter boxes reduce the amount of cleaning, but it is recommended that the waste bin be emptied weekly or more often if needed.

Though the self-cleaning cat litter box is an easy, no mess cat litter system, some up will be required as with any litter maintenance system. Here are some simple tips for maintaining your cat litter box. There may be some particles that get caught in the tray or the box. A simple tapping on the cat pan will knock them off. If you see your cat urinating high or at an angle, you may need to clean the sides of the unit. Most of the self-cleaning litter boxes are easy to take part in and clean.

On the other hand, if you use a liner, the only cleaning required should be taken out of the waste and throw it in the trash bin. But if you do not use any liners, the cat pan or tray also needs to be cleaned. To clean your litter box, remove the hood and sifter and wipe it down with a disposable anti-bacterial wipe or mild soap.


How often to clean a Self-cleaning litter box?

The self-cleaning ones run on electricity, so most of them use a simple mechanism. It is incredibly easy to use because you don’t need to clean it every day. You just need to fill and change the litter. It’s very easy to maintain and clean. You only need to roll it over once and place it into it’s the right place. You can clean and disinfect the litter tray once a week. Of course, they will excrete every time they use it, but as we all have busy lives, we can not clean it every time.

As far as how often they need to be washed, we would say at least once a week. They should be washed out often. That’s going to depend on what type of litter you use. Any kind of litter can be used on a self-cleaning litter box. Also, the plastic trays need to be replaced every six months because the plastic can trap odors and other dirt. That can cause a problem after a while, so it is necessary.

As we can see, it’s easy to maintain and keep it clean. If you are using a self-cleaning litter box, then it’s quite easy and time saving for you than a normal litter box. On the other hand, it’s really convenient for you because you don’t have to keep tracking the litter box to make sure that the thing is clean and don’t have to physically take out the wasted clumps, which nobody wants to do as well.

Some of the best self-cleaning litter boxes you can try out litter robot, omega paw self-cleaning litter box, pet safe litter box, etc. These are the top choices for cat owners. And when you are opting for a self-cleaning litter box, you will need to make sure it comes from quality brands.



In this article, we tried to go through the thing that, how do you clean a self-cleaning litter box so you can have a better idea of the cleaning procedure. Though it’s very easy to maintain and doesn’t require any cleaning, there are few things you might remember to avoid any mess. It is a very convenient and time-saving product; we must say that we do not need to keep tracking the litter box, which can sometimes be irritating.

This was to help you get some information to develop your own ideas of cleaning the automatic litter box. These self-cleaning litter boxes can be a little expensive but worth the price as you don’t have to clean the pet waste physically. I hope this article was helpful to you all.

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