How Often Should You Clean Cat Litter Box?

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Having a cat litter box helps out every cat owner a lot. There are so many choices of cat litter boxes you can get. But we won’t be talking about them. We will be talking about taking care of the litter boxes and how often you should clean a cat litter box.

Here, with a great pet comes great responsibility. If you do have cats in your house, then you must have litter boxes too. Thankfully over the last few years, there’s a great invention called a cat litter box, which helps some of the work out of taking after your cat. Since many pet owners prefer not to let them roam around and excrete because of the outside danger, they let their pets use a self-cleaning litter box.

Cats can very quickly adopt habits like using a litter box. They also seem typically more independent than dogs. Which means they don’t necessarily require as much attention and affection. That can be a good thing because if you got a busy lifestyle and are always on the go, you don’t really need to take care of it. All you need to have is a litter box.

Whether you have one cat or many, these litter boxes will help you to save your time. If you do have cats in your house, then they might pee and poop every day as well. On the other hand, you are too busy that you don’t have the time to clean the dirt beside you also don’t want your house to be all dirty. So, to prevent your house from all the dirt, you will need a self-cleaning litter box. Now the question is, do you need to clean the cat litter box? Well, yes, you need to clean the litter box.


Types of Cat litter boxes

There are two types of litter boxes, one of them is the normal litter box, and the other one is the self-cleaning litter box. The normal cat litter box is just a simple tray filled with litter, soil, or sand. It is also called a sandbox, cat box, litter tray. The litter box is usually filled with any of these materials that absorb moisture and odors ammonia. The material grabs carbon and holds odors from urine and faces. It also eliminates plant extracts, abdominal odors, leaving your house fresh and clean.

Self-cleaning litter boxes have been around for a few years now. And the industry is constantly improving, and the products are becoming better and better in every release. It was designed probably sixteen years ago. It is designed to essentially solve our problem of cleaning. The little box is uniquely designed to help make owning a pet easier than ever and features some great extras that help ensure that your home doesn’t get bogged down with stubborn pet odors. In fact, the self-cleaning litter box has a large carbon filtered waste drawer that helps neutralize odors and prevent them from contaminating your home. It also has a variety of great features to ensure that pets love it.

In both cases, you need to train your pets first and let them get used to it. A normal litter tray is fine if you got one cat or two because it’s easy super easy to keep it clean. But if you got three or more than that, it’s quite impossible, and that’s when things get messy. So, you need to use self-cleaning litter boxes.


How Often Should You Clean a Cat Litter Box

If you have more than one cat and using a normal litter tray, then it needs to be scooped once a day or maybe even more than once a day if you are high maintenance about cleaning. Also, they might stink. Daily, of course, they excrete every time they use it, but as we all have a busy life, we cannot clean it every time. As far as how often they need to be washed, I would say at least once a week. They should be washed out often. That’s going to depend on what type of litter you use. Also, the plastic trays need to be replaced every six months because the plastic can trap odors and other dirt. That can cause a problem after a while, so it is necessary.

The self-cleaning ones run on electricity, so most of them use a simple mechanism. It is incredibly easy to use because you don’t need to clean it every day. You just need to fill and change the litter. It’s very easy to maintain and clean. You only need to roll it over once and place it in its right place. You can clean and disinfect the litter tray once a week.


How to Clean the Cat Litter Boxes

The litter box cleaning routine is different in different types of litter boxes. If you are using a normal cat litter box, you need to take out the pet waste every day. Sometimes it depends on which litter you are using. Cleaning the litter box is very important as it can cause a bad smell to your house. It is also important to both keeping the odors down and to your pet’s health. You need to get yourself sifters and commit to a time each day to take care of your job.

First, you need to take out the waste and change the litter. If you are using a plastic litter box, follow the direction written on the bag. Also, take a little time to get the box a good scrubbing using an iron handle scrub bag. You also can make your own scrub using baking soda and water. Once everything is clean, you need to disinfect the litter box using a regular scrub. If you have your litter box for a long time and it smells, and it’s plastic, you can also consider using an enzyme cleaner. They eat bacteria for breakfast. Once it dries it’s time to fill it back with some new litter. You need to make sure it’s properly dry. Just fill it up with how your cat is used to.

If you are using a self-cleaning litter box, then it’s quite easy and time saving for you than a normal litter box. It’s really very convenient for you because you don’t have to keep tracking to make sure that the thing is clean and also don’t have to physically take out the waste which nobody really wants to do. The other thing is more important, and that is keeping up litter nice and clean for them because they don’t want to into a litter tray that is full of crap. All you need to do is just take the tray out and fill it with new litter.

Now, depending on what type of litter you are using will depend on how long it will last. Some litter usually lasts about a month, and some may last for only one month. Finding the right litter for your cat is also a huge factor in how clean the litter box smells on a regular basis. You can also try out different cat litter cleaners.



It is very important to keep the litter box clean and disinfected. How often should you clean your cat litter box depends on what type of litter box you are using. It seems that the normal litter boxes take more time and energy to clean than the self-cleaning ones. But the normal ones have their own traits as you have seen above. So, choose the one that meets your needs better.

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