Is My Dog Part Coyote? (How To Find Out!)

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A few days ago my neighbor got a new dog. First, I thought of it as a German Shepherd. But I saw some differences and talked to my neighbor about it. That’s the first time I learned about a coydog. Before that, a friend asked me a question, “is my dog part coyote?”. I wasn’t aware of that, so I couldn’t answer. But now, I have learned about it and here to share the fact with you.

If you have the same question if your dog is a part coyote, I have a few tricks to get the answer.

  • It has a forehead that is flatter than natural.
  • Must have a pointy muzzle and the tail will be bushier.
  • Will be sleeker than a dog and more unpredictable.

These are the main differences between a fog and a part coyote. If you notice these in your dog, it has a great possibility to be a part coyote. To be more specific, you can learn more details about it. And I am here just for that with a lot of information about a part coyote.


Differences between a Dog and Coyote

Coyote actually belongs to the dog family. But it is very much different from a normal dog and so, it got a separate name, Coyote. Though dogs and Coyotes share a lot of similar characteristics, they have tons of differences too. For the similarities, some people mistake a dog for a Coyote and a Coyote as the dog.

The scientific name of Coyote is ‘Canis latrans’ and it stands for ‘barking dog’. Coyotes actually have a mixture of nature and outlook of the wolves and the dogs. So, a coyote looks more similar to a wolf than a dog. However, there are the following dissimilarities of a coyote and a dog.

  • Coyote is sleeker than a dog and the muzzle is more pointed.
  • The tail of a coyote is bushier than a dog.
  • A dog has a less flattened forehead than a coyote.
  • Coyotes are more fond of howling than dogs.
  • Coyotes have longer legs, especially longer elbows than a dog.
  • A dog is naturally domesticated but a coyote is wild and cannot be domesticated so easily.
  • Dogs have deeper chests than coyotes.
  • Dogs don’t have more elongated tracks than coyotes.

It is true that differentiating coyotes from dogs, especially from German Shepherd is hard. But you can say it with a deep look. However, there is another breed that comes from the mixture of coyotes and dogs. Let’s learn about it.


What is Coydog?

You have learned that coyotes are actually a type of dog but for so many dissimilarities, it is known as a new species. However, a hybrid breed is developed over time between dogs and coyotes. And people name it as the coydog. Some people also call them ad dogotes. The breeding season of coyotes is very much limited, so a coydog is a rare species.

You cannot differentiate a coydog from a dog very easily. The next section will help you learn if your dog is actually a coydog or a part coyote. However, coydogs are mostly seen in America and other regions near it. Unlike dogs, you cannot domesticate a coydog or its puppies very easily. Even they are very much unpredictable. Still, people fail to differentiate it from dogs and start petting them.


Signs That a Dog is Part Coyote

You have already learned about the basic differences between a dog and a coyote. But that’s not completely the same between a dog and a coydog. If you have any confusion about whether your dog is a part coyote, you should check out the following signs that can give you an answer.

Unpredictable Behavior

Generally, you can predict a dog’s behavior after a few days with it. But when you cannot predict your dog’s behavior very well, it can be a coydog. Like Coyotes, its heritages are not very friendly. But they are not ferocious either.

Less Domestic

Coyotes are a naturally wild kind of species. So, its heritages are not very much domesticated either. But many people are petting coydogs and dog shops train them properly to make them more domestic.

What makes the difference is you can be friendly with a dog overnight but not with a coydog. You will need time and have to be friendly with them from the very beginning. Then you can make them obliged.

Bushier Tails

Having different types of the tail is a rare sign, but it is very important to sign anyway. A coyote has a bushy tail than a dog. Because of the genetic makeup, most coyotes have bushier and drooping tails than a dog. It will be more fluffy and hairy.

Sleeker Body

Generally, a coyote has longer legs and a sleeker body surface. Because of the mixed genetic variation, a coydog gets a body surface sleeker than a dog. And it is a very common sign for a coydog. A slender build of your dog must be noticeable and you will get a hint that it can be a part coyote.

Pointy Muzzle

One of the most common signs of a dog to be a part coyote is a more pointy muzzle. Generally, coyotes have this body features that help people differentiate them from German Shepherd and even wolves. Their muzzle is sharper and it gives it a wild and wolf-like appearance.

When the dog has a genetic feature from a coyote, it gets this feature first. So, you can get a hint of petting a coydog if it has a pointy muzzle like a coyote. But there are certain dog breeds having coyote-like pointy muzzles. That’s why I don’t suggest not judging it based on this feature only. You should check the other features as well.

Flatter Forehead

Just like a coyote, a coydog also has a faller forehead. And it is another sign you can rely on while judging your dog. Having such a flat forehead is not very much common in most dog breeds. I suggest checking the picture of coyotes, coydogs, and similar dogs on the internet. It will help you find the difference in their forehead.

Besides these major signs, you will find some other minor signs in your fog if it is a part coyote. It will be more fond of howling and will always reply to other dog’s howls if it is a coydog. Also, it will not be so friendly to other pets and most of the time, it won’t make friends with cats. Hopefully, you can now realize if you have a normal dog or a coydog. Still, if you want to be completely sure of it, I suggest checking the next section.


DNA Test to Learn If Your Dog is Part Coyote

If you want to know whether your dog is a part coyote with a hundred percent right answer, you have to try the DNA test. The part coyotes are called coydogs, dogotes, or coyote dog hybrids. They are produced by crossing dogs with coyotes. This kind of test contains 2-4 types of assays. It mainly detects the genetic lineage of your pet from dogs and coyotes.

It is true that finding a place where a DNA test can say if your dog heritages from a coyote is tough. But many vets are developed with the new technology, and you will find a way to test it. You can also visit the anatomy department of some universities to learn about it.


How to Take Care of a Dog That is Part Coyote?

I have already told you that a coydog or a part coyote is not very much obliged and domesticated. But it is not impossible to domesticate a coydog either. However, if you already have a dog that is a part coyote, you have to learn about the proper ways to care for it.

A coydog needs to exercise for more time than a dog on average. You have to let it exercise 2 to 3 times a day. You can schedule high-level activities like jogging, brisk walking, etc. And it will be better if you have a big yard outside your home or a nearby dog park.

Like the case of exercise, a coydog needs more energetic foods than a small dog. But you can just serve them the same foods and diet you should arrange for a large size dog like a hound, bulldog, or pitbull. For their appetite, they need a lot of meat and raw foods. Coydogs love to eat lean meat and bones.

When it is about grooming, a coydog is not very much different from a dog. Likewise, they can have similar health disorders like hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, parvovirus, etc. So, you can simply take them to the vet if you find something unnatural in them.


Final Verdict

Is my dog part coyote?

Don’t panic if you find your dog as a coydog or part coyote. It may be less domestic but you can adore it and still have a good relationship with it. You have also learned about how you can find out the answer to the very common but unreachable question, is my dog part coyote. However, it’s time to say tata for today. Please, let us know if you have any questions about your pets. And also, support us just by staying close. Thank you a million times for your support.

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