Why My Dog Doesn’t Want to Play Anymore? (And What to Do!)

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One of the main reasons to adopt a dog in most cases is to overcome loneliness. So, the owners want to pet her, adore her, and also play with her. If the dog doesn’t like to play, nothing will be so pitiful than that anyway. However, many of you have already questioned why the dog doesn’t want to play anymore. And we have invested the fact thoroughly.

To be true, most of the dogs like to play with their owners and ask for more attention. If your dog is different and doesn’t like to play anymore, the following issues can be the reasons.

  • Being stressed or fearful
  • Not like the environment or the owner
  • Not like the toy or don’t know how to play
  • Being old or weak.

Aside from these reasons, there can be a lot of reasons that bother your dogs and make them not interested in playing. As it is quite a common problem, we made a team to investigate the matter, and then I am here to form this content with all essential information. Maybe it will help you deal with the problem.


Reasons Your Dog Doesn’t Like to Play Anymore

There can be different reasons why your dog is not willing to be playful or active. To cure, you have to first find out the problem. We have talked to a considerable number of veterans and experts to learn the probable reasons behind a dog unwilling to play with the owner. Let’s see which problem is associated with your dog.

  • Health Issues

Health issues mean any kind of health disorder. It can be an injury, painful arms or other body parts, even any other diseases. When a dog is suffering from any type of health disorder, it can behave unpredictably. But the most common fact results in making it weak and inactive.

However, any type of unnatural symptoms that can be a result of her health issues should never be ignored. If the very first thing you notice of it is its unwillingness of playing, check out if it has any other unnatural symptom. You can then take the necessary initiative to take care of it.

  • Depression

Do you think that you are giving sufficient time to your pretty dog? Make sure she is not depressed out of being alone or in the home. You must know that dog is probably the most emotional animal. As a result of being so emotional, it can be depressed so easily.

You have to check out the activities of your pet. Try to find out if she is very much inactive and not interested in doing anything. Most dogs lose their appetite when they are depressed or stressed. Because of severe depression, it can also lose her interest in playing with you. Unless you will help her to come out for her depressed feeling, it will be tough to make her playful.

  • Afraid

Like being depressed, you can act unpredictably if it is afraid of anything. There can be several factors that make your dog fearful. It can be an accident, an earthquake, or even a loud sound. Generally, it doesn’t take too long for fog to come out of its fear of it is not so severe.

Your adorable dog will be inactive and too quiet if it is afraid. Only you can help her to come out of it. As soon as you discover that it is her fear that makes her so unwilling to play, you have to take necessary action to help her to overcome her fear.

  • Being Old

You must know the lifespan of a dog in general. However, let me remind you again. It is around 12 to 15 years. Now, think about the age of your dog. I am very sorry to remind you of that. But it really matters to make her inactive. An old dog, just like an old man, becomes inactive too.

So, if your dog gradually loses her interest to play anymore, it can be a reason for being older. It can happen after 10 years of it. Nothing very much effective in this case. Still, you can help her maintain a healthy lifestyle and keep her playful.

  • Doesn’t Like the Toy

One of my friends bought a new toy for his Golden Retriever when he came from his visit to a new country. After getting the new toy, his puppy stopped playing and got upset. My friend was very much fond of his dog. But he couldn’t find the reason for her behavior.

However, one day a baby brother of my friends broke the toy into pieces. And just after that, the dog became playful again. Well, it’s a first-hand story of this weird problem. But it really matters. So, check out if your dog is liking the toy or not.

  • Doesn’t Know How to Play

You have recently bought a new toy for your dog. And it likes the toy very much. Still, it doesn’t like to play with it. Think what can be the reason? Well, are you sure that your dog knew how to play with the toy? Sounds weird, I know. But it is a very common reason for dogs not willing to play.

Most often, young puppies seem to be facing this kind of problem. It’s because they particularly don’t know the use of the toy as they have no previous experience of using it. So, you have to learn properly about how to deal with the toy as soon as you give her the toy.

  • Doesn’t Like Your Playing Activity

Please don’t be sorry but there is a possibility that your dog is not very much fond of the style you are following while playing with it. Maybe she likes to play in another way and so, she doesn’t want to play anymore. I am just mentioning a possibility, not saying it is happening anyway.

Generally, dogs have different tastes in playing and other activities. Maybe you are being too active or slow while playing with it. And it doesn’t like the way at all. So, if you find your dog losing her interest in playing with you, just give it a try on a new way of playing. It can be helpful anyway.

So, these are the possible ways your dog isn’t willing to play anymore. First, find out the reason that bothers your dog. The next will be the solution, right? Keep reading and you will learn what to do when you are facing such a problem.


Ways to Make Your Dog Playful and Happy

Yes, there are several ways you can work to help your dog develop her Interest in playing with you. You can follow the ways I have mentioned below. Maybe it will work and sooner or later you will thank me for these tips.

1. Buy Her a New Toy

Your dog has a lot of toys. Still, she doesn’t like to play with them, right? Then buy her a new toy. It can make her excited and happy. Also, play with her using the same toy so that she feels comfortable with the new toy anyway.

2. Give Her Time

It is the most important fact. You need to give her enough time to make her easy and comfortable. Remember that you have taken her liability and you have to ensure a considerable amount of time for her. Otherwise, she will be bored and becomes stressed. When you are with her, try to play more so that she becomes used to playing with you.

3. Positive Reinforcement

Behavioral science found out that positive reinforcement is the best way to train your dog. You have held a treat in one hand and a toy in your other hand. Now, you have to encourage your dog to use the toy to get to the food. This way, she will be more friendly to the toy and starts to like playing with it.

4. Change Your Approach

Check out how exactly you are playing with your pet dog. Do you think that she is liking it? You have learned that dogs often don’t like the playing approach of the owner. So, you can just change the approach and check if she is getting interested or not.

5. Go for a Health Checkup

It is essential when your dog is not in good health. You must know that an unhealthy and weak dog doesn’t have enough energy to play with you. So, check if she is okay. You have to take her to the vet regularly. Also, you have to notice if she has an injury or is suffering from any diseases.

It is always suggested to go for a regular check-up to the vet with your dog. You know that dogs cannot talk and so, she cannot tell you if she has pain. So, if your dog becomes inactive all of a sudden, you should hurry to keep her to the vet.

6. Reduce the Activities If She is Old

It is normal that an older dog will be less active and weaker. Think about your activities and compare them with the dog’s age. If she is quite older make sure that you are not making things hard for her. It will make her afraid of playing or be weaker.

Also, you have to follow a different approach to playing if she is a senior dog. You have to be playful with less physical interaction. It will help her develop her interest in playing and make her mentally strong.

7. Find Her Interest

And the final thing you have to do is to find her interest. You have to find out which thing she loves to play with and how. You can take her to the dog shop and let her play with more toys. And then, you have to find out the specific item she likes.

Also, you can let her choose the playtime and approach too. Maybe the time you choose is not appropriate for her. Perhaps she is sleepy at that time. Or, she went to play later.


Final Thought

So, you have now learned about why your dog doesn’t want to play anymore. You have learned the reasons and the ways to deal with them. So, first, try to find the reason out and then take the necessary steps to help her. Hopefully, you will get a good outcome. Still if you want to learn something new, just give a knock on the comment box. We will always be there for you. Thank you for your support.

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