Why My Dog Stops Walking and Lays Down?

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4 years have already passed since I got my first pet dog, Cherry. She was a young and chubby Siberian Husky. I was very happy with her until I found out that she is not interested in walking outside with me. I tried so many tricks and failed. Then I talked with a lot of people about why the dog stops walking and lays down in the middle of the road. I got a lot of answers and some of them really worked.

After meeting some other dogs with similar issues, I got the common reasons for why dogs stop walking and they are:

  • She is lazy or afraid.
  • She can be physically weak or sleepy.
  • She doesn’t like the route or your training strategies.

There are also some other reasons why dogs generally stop walking and lay down. However, my Cherry was actually lazy and had an instinct to stay at home. I got some master plans to take her out and it worked. So, today I am determined to share all those reasons for dogs’ refusal to walk and plans to deal with them. Let’s start it.


Possible Reasons My Dog Stops Walking and Lays Down

Having a walk in the morning with your adorable pet dog is the best part of having a pet dog. But if she refuses to after having a few steps from your home, nothing can be more irritating than that. However, we have researched a considerable number of dogs to learn the reason behind their refusing to walk. Let’s see the possible reasons in short.

Behavioral Issues

In most cases, with the exception of having a physical issue, dogs don’t like to walk outside the home because of their unnatural behavioral issues. They can be fearful of getting outside. Maybe it had an accident in the past and so, it doesn’t feel good to go outside and have another accident.

Sometimes, the dog is anxious or too stressed. Maybe it is fearful of other dogs or many people. Dogs with introverted nature or scary past suffer this kind of dilemma and refuse to go outside to have a walk.

The instinct to Stay at Home

Most of the young dogs have an instant to stay glued to the home. They just love staying inside. Maybe they love their toys and don’t go anywhere without them. It can be a genetic instinct too.

Normally, young dogs are not too familiar with the world outside the home. So, they think it’s not safe going outside. Being fearful is another reason for it, but it is a prevalent instinct for young dogs.

Health Issues

Yes, it’s a serious matter now. There can be some health issues too for what your dog won’t want to go outside for a walk. Mostly it may have pain somewhere like a sore hip or muscle. And that’s the reason it cannot walk comfortably.

Another reason can be a growing pain. If it is a young and growing dog breed, this kind of problem is very common. Because of fast growth, they suffer body pain, so cannot walk properly. Besides, you have to take your dog to the vet and make sure that it is not suffering from other diseases like parvovirus or similar.

Not Like Your Training Strategy

Check how you are training your dog. Are you sure that it likes your training strategy? If your dog stops walking all of a sudden you can just change the training strategy. Also, you have to make sure that you are not letting him do exercise that can make him tired.

Superstitious Consternation

Animals are highly superstitious. Dogs are not an exception. If your dog faces something bad in one place or sees something unnatural, most probably it will refuse to walk on the way.


Sudden weather changes can demotivate your dog to go outside and have a nice walk. Too hot or cold weather can be uncomfortable for your dog and so, it may not love to go outside anymore.

Other Reasons

  • Simply, your dog doesn’t like to walk, and it is sluggish.
  • Maybe it gets hungrier in the middle of walking and so, it doesn’t like walking anymore.
  • Maybe your dog doesn’t like the road or park you are taking in general.
  • It just wants to sleep in the morning and doesn’t like walking.
  • If you have to take the stairs your dog may not like it and then refuse to go outside.

So, these are the possible reasons, your dog can refuse to walk and go outside for. Now, you have to learn about the solution, right? The next section is designed for that.


10 Ways to Make Your Dog Walk and Active

Well, it’s time to learn the easiest but effective ways you can push up your dogs to move and walk. However, I want to remind you in the beginning not to push her hard and make a bad time for her. Don’t just be too straight and never ever hurt her for walking fast. I believe you won’t but I just remind you about it. Well, let’s see the solutions in short.

Comfort Your Dog

Check when your dog just stops and refuses to walk. Sit beside her and try to comfort her. Make sure that she is not afraid and she is trusting you. Also, you can adore her and be more playful. The main fact is to cheer her and make her easy.

Buy Her a Treat

If you think that your dog is lazy and doesn’t want to walk outside, you have to motivate her to go with you. For that, buying her a treat is a very effective idea. You can take her out anyway and buy her a sausage or something she likes.

To get the same thing again, she will wish to go outside again. But you have to buy her things often so that she continues wishing to go out with you.

Use a Dog Leash

Yes, using a leash and letting her go out of your belt is a good idea to provoke her to walk. A retractable dog leash gives her freedom and when you just walk by yourself it will try to follow you by itself too. Nowadays, dog leashes of different types are available in the market and they look really good on a dog’s neck.

Change the Route

It is another effective way especially if your dog doesn’t like the road you are taking all the time. Maybe it doesn’t feel okay to go on the way or she is superstitious of something anyway. So, next time, take an unfamiliar route and check if your dog likes it or not. Hopefully, she will love a new place to walk.

Play with Her Toy

While going out with your adorable pet dog, try to take her favorite toy with you. Just not stay away from it, she will definitely walk with you. Also, play with her using the same toy so that you will be more playful and happy. This plan worked for my friend’s dog, Strawberry who is generally very lazy.

Change the Walking Time

If you take your dog for a walk in the morning, try to go on another time. Well, I am indicating to change the time anyway. maybe your dog doesn’t feel all right at that time or she is sleepy. Try to observe her behavior and find out when she is more playful. And then try to take her out at that time.

Take to the Dog Park

If you have a dog park nearby you should always take her to the park. The main point is to make her socialized and let her meet other dogs. And a dog park generally has a lot of dog toys. So, your dog will love to walk there for sure. If you don’t have a nearby dog park, you can take her to a neighborly one to make her socialized.

Change Exercise Strategies

Think for a moment about how you command your dog to exercise. Is it too harsh for it or is it very much simple and boring? Also, try to understand how your dog responds to it. If she is not very much excited to exercise with you then it is for sure that she is not liking the strategy. In this case, it is essential to change it.

Visit a Vet if Necessary

The above plan to make your dog active and walk with you will work if it is not sick. None of these plans will work if she is weak or suffering from some health issues. In this case, nothing will help without visiting a vet. So, if you think that there is a possibility for her to be weak, you have to take her to the hospital.

So, your first job is to find out why your dog is not interested in walking outside with you. Once you get the reason, you have plans to deal with it. I have already shared almost all the effective plans with you. Hopefully, you can make it perfect.


Final Thoughts

So, now is the time I better bid goodbye. With Cherry, I have now 3 more dogs from different breeds and I didn’t have to face the same problem ever again. However, these reasons and their plans for why a dog stops walking and lays down may help you to deal with your dog. If you think it works, please share the story with me. I’ll wait for your response and it is enough to motivate me to share more information with you. Thank you a million folds.

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