Do Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Boxes Really Work?

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We all know that most of our working days are full of frustration, anger and stress. It is relaxing to find a pet all excited by your side, licking and compelling you to play along when you return home. Playing with pets enhances pleasure and tranquility. That being said, making sure your cat is clean and has a fresh litter is very important. To make things easier for the cat owners, there are so many litter box options out there. Among them, there are self-cleaning litter boxes. But the question always remains, “Do self-cleaning cat litter boxes really work?”

Whether you have one cat or many, these litter boxes will help you to save your time. If you have cats in your house, then they might pee and poop every day as well. On the other hand, you are too busy that you don’t have the time to clean the dirt beside you also don’t want your house to be all dirty. So, to prevent your home from all the dirt, you will need a self-cleaning litter box. Now the question is what is a self-cleaning litter box and how does it work? Here you will know about it.

Thankfully over the last few years, there’s a great invention called a cat litter box which helps some of the work out of taking after your cat. Since many pet owners prefer not to let them roam around and excrete because of the outside danger, they let their pets use self-cleaning litter boxes.

What is a self-cleaning litter box?

Self-cleaning litter boxes have been around for a few years now. But the industry is constantly improving and the products are becoming better and better in every release. It was designed probably sixteen years ago. It is designed to solve our problem of cleaning essentially. The little box is uniquely designed to help make owning a pet more comfortable than ever and features some great extras that help ensure that your home doesn’t get bogged down with stubborn pet odors. In fact, the self-cleaning litter box has a large carbon filtered waste drawer that helps neutralize odors and prevent them from contaminating your home. It also has a variety of great features to ensure that pets love it.

Does a self-cleaning litter box really work?

Now the real question arrives here if these self-cleaning actually work or not. Well, there are different types of automatic litter boxes out there with their own functional qualities. Some come with a scooping rake, some come with auto flushing and some come with a rotating mechanism. Which one you choose is up to you.

In general, these litter boxes function very efficiently. But you will need to consider some factors here. First of all, you will need to take the size of your cat and the size of the litter pan into consideration. This needs to be of correct proportion otherwise getting a self-cleaning litter box is pointless. So, you will need to choose a litter pan that matches the size of your cat.

Then it depends on your cat’s pooping habits. If your cat dumps its waste a lot during the day then an automatic litter box might not be able to keep up. In moderate condition, you can go with a rotating mechanism one for self-flushing every now and then. Along with that if your cat has a habit of pooping all around the litter then a usual self-cleaning litter box might not work. You will need a better-designed automatic litter box for that purpose.

When you buy a self-cleaning litter box device there will be some litter requirements. If you don’t follow those litter options then your device won’t function at all. Every device suggests a specific type of litter and you should follow that. But if your cat isn’t comfortable with that litter option then changing the whole device is the best solution to that problem.

The last and most important factor for a working self-cleaning litter box is quality. You just have to accept that a self-cleaning litter box will obviously cost you a lot more money than the usual ones. So, if you are going with a self-cleaning litter box then you can’t compromise with the quality. The cheap quality self-cleaning litter boxes don’t even work properly. You will need to make sure the design and build quality are top-notch. Otherwise, you will end up with a litter box that doesn’t serve the purpose of self-cleaning at all. Below we have talked about some quality litter boxes you can try out.

If you consider these factors and maintain them properly then a self-cleaning litter box is the best helper for a cat owner. But then again, your feline’s choices are the things that lead you to make decisions. If your cat doesn’t find a litter box suitable then you can’t make it work whatsoever.

In facts and usage, self-cleaning litter boxes actually work under the above-mentioned conditions. Once they all are fulfilled you will see the functionality of a self-cleaning litter box quite satisfying.

Some options of self-cleaning litter boxes

There are many kinds of litter boxes. Such as robot self-cleaning litter boxes, cat genie, automatic litter boxes, Omega paw self-cleaning litter boxes, litter robot-3, multi-cat litter boxes and so on.

Litter-Robot: There are three versions of litter robot, the classic version, the bubble version, and the litter robot- 3 open-air versions. Each and every version comes up with a new variety. The classic version that’s the very first designed technology came up with. The bubble version is really the same as the classic.

Cat genie: It’s completely self-washing. Cat Genie is a self-flushing luxury toilet for your cat. It connects to your water system and will automatically flush cat waste after every use. The water that flushes that wastes also cleans the litter. This makes it self-sustaining and it proves hygiene by reducing the risk of both human and pet diseases.

Omega paw self-cleaning litter boxes: This litter box might be beneficial for cats as it is fully enclosed and keeps the litter from getting out and spreading all over the house. One outstanding thing about the omega self-cleaning litter box is that it does not rely on electricity to run. Instead, this litter box uses a simple mechanism.

These are some of the popular self-cleaning litter boxes that you can go with.


Hopefully, you have got the answer to “Do self-cleaning cat litter boxes really work?”. Now apart from that a question still remains are they worth it? A regular litter tray is fine if you got one cat or two because it’s easy super easy to keep it clean. But if you got three or more than that, it’s quite impossible and that’s when things get messy. So, you need to use self-cleaning litter boxes.

The other thing is more important and that is keeping up litter nice and clean for them because they don’t want to into a litter tray that is full of crap. Though these self-cleaning litter boxes are way more expensive, they provide quite a good service and save time as they work incredibly.

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