What Do Goldfish Like to Play With?

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An aquarium is a small place, unlike a pond or river. So, your pet fish don’t have a lot of places to roam around. That makes them bored and unhappy. It happens especially on the goldfish as most of the time we only have one finish in one aquarium. So, you can keep it happy by letting it play. Now you must be thinking about what goldfish like to play with, right? That’s the topic today.

Generally, goldfish are very active and like to be playful. You can keep your goldfish playful in different ways.

  • Decorating its aquarium setup
  • Buy a toy
  • Hand Feed or direct interaction

It is actually very easy to keep your goldfish happy and active. As goldfish is the most popular aquarium fish, many of you already want to learn about the ways to make it playful. Just focus on all the parts of today’s content. Sooner or later, you will thank me for sharing the tips.


Ways to entertain my Goldfish

You can entertain your goldfish in different ways. you can either buy some objects to decorate the aquarium or buy a toy for it or go for the direct interaction. The next point will describe to you everything about the second way. The following tips will give you a better idea about using some object in the aquarium for your fish.

  • Use some Aquatic plants

Aquatic Plants are one of the best options to entertain your Goldfish. Besides, it is quite healthier for a fish tank environment. They can find an ocean vibe in it and they can enjoy an organic experience in the tank. It is therefore helpful for the health of the fish too.

The live plants increase the excitement beneath the water and fishes love to play with them. But if you can’t find the live aquatic plants then don’t worry. Because you can put some replicas in the tank and it will work the same for the fishes. So, you can buy some aquatic plants and set them up in the aquarium as the living partner of your fish.

  • Keep Some Gravels in the Aquarium

Usually, gravel is better when you put them in the aquarium in order to entertain your fish. And they can recognize them as playing materials in the first place. Besides, it looks better in the aquarium too.

However, you should choose the natural gravel as it will attract the fishes and won’t ruin the tank environment like the artificial gravels. Also, it works as a filter and helps to keep the water cleaner. Goldfish also are very fond of gravel.

  • Make a Tunnel for Fun

Setting up the tunnel is another option that makes your Goldfish cheerful. Generally, they find this tunnel as a hiding spot. So, it gives them a similar vibe to the ocean and they can roam around, play, hide and have fun.

As soon as you put the tunnels in the tank, the fish starts to interact with it. That is why you have to be sure if the tunnel is big enough for the goldfish. Also, the space inside the tunnel should contain sufficient air and light. Otherwise, it can be harmful if the fish will stay inside the tunnel for a long time.

  • A Few Large Marvels Can Help

If you want to entertain your goldfish with some sort of toys then large marvels are definitely a good choice. The reason is they respond well when they find something shiny and easy to move around.

Usually, the fish find this interesting to push them from one place to another in the tank. Furthermore, this is totally safe for the tank environment and for the fishes because it can not be swallowed. Remember that ocean fish take the marvels as natural toys for them.

  • Use Some Artificial Toys and Aquarium Home Decor Products

You can train your goldfish and entertain them at the same time with Artificial toys. A crystal clear ball is a good option as they can push it from one surface to another. And goldfish are more of it. You can get this kind of toy in the aquarium shops easily.

Likewise, Limbo Poles are an interesting toy that your fish finds enjoyable. And you have to set the poles vertically so that they can move around between the poles.

Besides, Balls and Goalposts make you fish happier than ever before. You have to set a mini-goal post and the soccer game can increase the enjoyment hundreds of times within the goldfish.

Again, hoops are a good choice for your goldfish and they can enjoy miniature basketball. Additionally, you can use them as a fish training kit as well.

If you think aquatic plants are very much harder to keep alive, you can try it with some artificial plants. Just keep them on the aquarium floor and your goldfish will start playing with it.


How Can You Interact with the Gold Fish To Make It Playful

Just like you interact with your pet dog or cat directly, you can also make fun with your goldfish with direct interaction. You must think about how to do that, right? Just follow the tips I have mentioned below. You will definitely get some ideas.

  • Offering a playful atmosphere

You might have noticed that goldfish tend to wander around and play in the bottom of the aquarium. So, you have to make a suitable surface under the water. Choosing decorations and pebbles is crucial, you must not use sharp stones or objects in the water tank.

You should use large-sized pebbles and smooth stones for making a safe and fish-friendly underwater ecosystem. You can purchase these stones and pebbles from the pet store. Another way is planting different artificial plants. You can also add small tree branches and woodworks.

These plants offer a great view and the fish can play along with their friends around them. You should also plant real plants too. The artificial plants must be of good quality, it’s always convenient and safe to buy from a local pet shop.

You should also know what the goldfish do not like, such as touching them, heavy noise, excessive lights, tapping on the water, etc. You must not add decorations with small holes; these can be harmful as they might get stuck in them.

  • Providing food to stimulate play

It is better to feed the goldfish using the hands of the owners. After a few weeks of shifting the fish to the aquarium, they tend to be friendly and you can interact with your goldfish by giving food directly from your hands. By this, you can teach them some tricks and play movements.

Goldfish eat numerous kinds of foods and mostly they like flakes, freeze-dried foods, pellets, fresh vegetables, and even stored vegetables. Keep in mind that you must not overfeed the goldfish. You can use food treats to teach them certain kinds of behaviors and movements just like you do with cats and dogs.

You should repeat the movements with foods so that they learn the tricks and get a playful vibe. You can use a feeding stick too. The food can break or dissolve in the water, so you should use reliable food sticks. You can find them in the pet store too.

You can set up different play-friendly structures and decorations in the water tank. This way the environment becomes more suitable for different kinds of movements and fish movements. You must be persistent at it to make the whole thing work.

  • Maintaining an exercise plan

It is certainly possible to train your goldfish to do different movements and tricks. Just like other pets, you will need to give some time and effort to your new goldfish. You have to wait a week or two after shifting the fish into the new home aquarium. They need some time to cope with the new environment and water.

You will have to follow a certain kind of training methods. There are lots of them around the world and you can find a proper guideline on the internet or you can buy a training kit from the store. It is better to stick with one regime. If you are new to it, avoid mixing up different ways into one.

There are some high-quality training materials that even include tools for your aquarium, like hoops, limbo bars, tunnels, etc. Another thing is maintaining a daily schedule for the training sessions. Select a time slot in which you will spend a few minutes with your goldfish for training with supportive food treats.

You have to be consistent and maintain the time slot every day. You can set an alarm too. Additionally, you need the goldfish to be at least 2 inches long to train it properly, if they are smaller, wait a few weeks till they grow a bit. The movements and tricks should be singular, that is one at a time. You must not add a bunch of tricks at a time or it will be a waste of effort.

It is better to know your fish and come up with your own tricks. Give them some time and try to interact with foods and numerous tools. Surely, you will get along with your pet goldfish in time. After a certain period, you will have a great relationship with your goldfish.


Final Thought

Goldfish are generally very nice and appealing to look at and they are very sensitive. You cannot keep them alive if they are bored inside the aquarium. They will never love to live alone with nothing. So, you have learned exactly what to do, right? Also, you have learned exactly what goldfish like to play with. I hope you know what to do now.

Don’t hesitate to ask any questions if you have any. You can direct it to the comment section. Very soon, we will come to you with the answer. We always anticipate your good experiences with pets like dogs, cats, birds, and fishes. And we are very grateful because of your support. Thank you.

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