What Size Muzzle for Pitbull is Appropriate?

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Last month, one of my friends bought a muzzle for his Pitbull. Unfortunately, it came out to be the wrong size and he has no way of exchanging it. My friend shares the fact with me and both of us visited a pitbull expert to know what size muzzle for pitbull is appropriate. So if you have the same question, you are at the right place.

Generally, a pitbull’s muzzle size is considered to her snout circumstances and muzzle wide. There are different size variations for the snout circumstances and muzzle wide Besides the size, the shape and types of the muzzle should be carefully picked as well.

However, if you are determined to buy your pitbull a muzzle, I can assure you that you won’t regret spending a few minutes reading this content. It’s because I have tried my best to collect all the information about a pitbull’s muzzle size and express it clearly. So, keep your focus right below and learn something very essential for your pitbull.


Why You Will Need a Muzzle for Your Pitbull?

First and foremost, you have to learn why and when your pitbull will need a muzzle. And also, it is essential if your pitbull actually needs a muzzle or not. Remember that dogs don’t like to wear a muzzle initially. But there are some situations when we cannot handle it and indeed we have to use a muzzle to keep him calm.

Also, a pitbull is not basically a very dangerous dog breed for humans. Especially if you manage to take great care of it, it won’t be very aggressive. But sometimes, they behave aggressively toward the other animals. So, putting a muzzle on your pitbull is not always necessary.

There can be 4 different situations when you will need to keep your adorable and strong pitbull with a muzzle.

1. Veterinary Issues

When you are carrying your pitbull to the vet, you should always carry a muzzle for it. Normally, there are lots of animals in the vet. And you don’t know which one, your dog won’t like and start behaving aggressively. So, you should be prepared. Just take the muzzle with you. You don’t have to put it on but keep it ready. If the situation is going out of your control, you can use it to deal with your dog.

2. Grooming Sessions

Generally, some dogs behave weirdly when it is their grooming session. You can never be reassured that your pitbull won’t be very calm while grooming. Sometimes, your dog can be very untamed and even violent. So, most of the time, the groomer asks to use the muzzle for their safety. That’s why you should carry it while visiting the groomer.

3. Injury

You will need a muzzle if your dog gets injured anyway. Especially, you will need it when you are going to the clinic. The doctor may have to inject him some medicine or stitch the wound. If your pitbull gets hurt on the injured part of its body, it must be violent and want to save itself anyway. That time, you will definitely need a muzzle.

4. State Rules

It’s the requirement you have to follow in the case of some states. Some states have made a rule for the dog owner to use the muzzle while walking with your dog on private property. And this kind of rule is legislated for not to break. It may even be the disciplinarian. So, you should have a muzzle always with you if you are living in such a state.


What size muzzle for Pitbull is appropriate?

If you need to buy a muzzle for your pitbull, the first thing you have to be concerned about is what size muzzle for the pitbull will be appropriate. If it is not in the appropriate size, it won’t work properly. Now, the question is how to measure the size of your pitbull’s mouth. Well, you can just follow the chart below to select the right size of the muzzle.

  • XXX-Small size is for around 3.5″ muzzle wide and 7″ snout circumstances.
  • XX-Small size is for about 4″ muzzle wide and 8″ snout circumstances.
  • X-Small size is for nearly 4.25″ muzzle wide and 9″ snout circumstances.
  • Small size is for around 5.25″ muzzle wide and 10″ snout circumstances.
  • Medium size is for nearly 5.5″ muzzle wide and 12″ snout circumstances.
  • Large size is for about 6.25″ muzzle wide and 13″ snout circumstances.
  • X-Large size is for around 6.75″ muzzle wide and 15″ snout circumstances.

So, you have to measure the muzzle wide of your pitbull’s mouth and the snout circumstances that mainly refer to the length of the muzzle. When you’ll get the appropriate measurement, you will learn which size muzzle will be appropriate for your pitbull. But make sure that you are measuring the size properly and get the exact measurement.


Buying the Right Muzzle for the Pitbull

So, it’s time to learn about the other facts after the size, you have to think while buying the muzzle for your pitbull. We talked about a considerable number of pitbull users and asked about their issues with buying a muzzle. And the following facts came out as essential as they experienced.


On the market, you will find a pitbull muzzle in different shapes. Don’t mistake thinking that you can use a muzzle of any shape for your pitbull. Most of the time, a pitbull cannot stand with a muzzle just because it is not of the right shape.

However, the appropriate muzzle shape for a pitbull is depending on the snout circumstances of the pitbull. So, if your pitbull has a short snout you have to go for one that is designed for that kind of snout shape. In any case of having a long snout, you will find specific muzzles, designed for the long snout as well.

Types of Muzzles

In general, you will get three different types of muzzles for your pitbull. And you cannot just select one for her not regarding the appropriate type exactly. It may not suit your pitbull anyway. However, check the types in short and think which one will suit your pitbull properly.

1. Soft Muzzle

If you think the comfortability of your pitbull is the first priority, I would suggest you go for the soft muzzle. This kind of muzzle is made of soft fabric and it doesn’t let your pitbull open up its mouth. That’s the reason, this kind of muzzle is highly recommended to use for the vet and grooming session. But you should remember that the fabric muzzle is not very durable.

2. Plastic Basket Muzzle

A plastic basket muzzle is easy to put on or put off. If you use this muzzle, your pitbull cannot apparently eat or bite anything from the ground. There are basket holes all over the muzzle and so, you can give her a little treat and let her drink while wearing the muzzle. Initially, this kind of muzzle is quite durable and your pitbull will have no breathing problem with it.

3. Wire Basket Muzzle

Wire basket muzzle is the most flexible and comfortable one of the rest of the muzzles in the market. It is very light in weight and it causes no harm or discomfort feeling for the pitbull. Besides, this kind of muzzle has a little mouth-opening space that you can use to help her eat something while wearing the muzzle.

Aside from these three types of the muzzle, people also use iron or steel muzzles for their Pitbulls. But these kinds of muzzles are quite heavier and so, the dogs may not feel very much comfortable and they will be aggressive while wearing it. So, you have to choose the appropriate one for your pitbull.


While discussing the type, you must get an idea about the weight of the muzzle. Remember the heavier the muzzle will be, the uncomfortable it will be for the pitbull. So, fabric soft muzzle or wire basket muzzle will be the best solution for your dog. Besides, I will suggest not using it for so long as it will make the pitbull disgusted anyway.


Unless your pitbull’s muzzle is breathable, she will never agree to put it on. Eventually, it will be super problematic for it to breathe wearing it. Some fabric muzzles are made of polyester or something different than cotton fabric. It doesn’t let her breathe properly. But all types of basket muzzles are breathable for sure.


Aside from being breathable, the muzzle must be comfortable for your pitbull. Otherwise, she may not want to wear it. When you are taking her to the vet or in the grooming shop, you need her to put the muzzle for a long time. So, she needs it to be comfortable and easy. Wire basket muzzle is more comfortable than any other type for sure.

Easy to Put on or off

This feature is for you rather than the pitbull. If the muzzle is not very easy to use, you cannot put it on her mouth instantly in any case of emergency. In addition, your pitbull may not like to wear a muzzle very much if you take too long to deal with it. You can try a basket-style muzzle if you want it to be easier to put on or off.

These are the important facts you have to remember while buying the appropriate muzzle for your pitbull. After the discussion, you must get the most appropriate muzzle type. It is for sure the ware basket muzzle. Just make sure that you ain’t go for the wrong size anyway.


Final Verdict

Pitbull is one of the most popular dog breeds, people especially young men love to pet. It’s because they are energetic, loyal, peaceful, and emotional. However, if you have a pitbull, you must have a muzzle for her and you must know the reason at least after learning the above information. Hopefully, you have now no confusion left about what size muzzle for the pitbull will be appropriate.

Just type on the comment box if you have any confusion left about today’s discussion. And also, stay with us for all your questions about the pets. Thank you a million folds.

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