What to Do if My Cat Poops in the Litter Box?

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For a cat, owner cleanliness comes as the first priority. Because cats cant stand being near something that isnt clean, especially with the litter box. If the litter box isnt clean or they dont feel like the box isnt clean, they wouldnt use it. So, you must make sure the litter boxes stay clean all the time.

Now one of the reasons for getting your litter box dirty is your cat itself. When your cat poops in the litter box and stays that way for too long, it will surely make the box dirty and smelly. Thats something you will need to accept along with your cat.

But the question you might have is, What do I do if my cat poops in the litter box? So here we will be answering all the queries related to that and give you the proper solution.

What Should You Do if Your Cat Poops in the Litter Box

Clean the litter box

Cats can very quickly adopt habits like using a litter box. If you have cats in your house, then they might pee and poop every day. Whether you have one cat or many, these litter boxes will help you to save your time. Here, with great pets come great responsibility. If your cat poops in the litter box, then all you have to do is keep your litter box clean. But how often you should clean the litter box, depends on what type of litter you are using.

Living with a cat is like living in a relationship with an animal, and as such, we have to do things for them is sometimes we don’t want to do it. So, it would be best if you kept your cat litter box clean because there was a recent study that actually shows that the vast majority of cats prefer a clean litter box. That way, you are not chancing that your cat is going to do it all over the house but not the litter box.

On the other hand, It will stink if you do not clean the litter box daily, and your whole house will stink so badly. Also, your cat won’t use the litter box if it will stink because they don’t want to use a dirty litter box either. If you do not clean the litter box daily, your pet might eat its own poop and get sick. This can also kill your cat. That’s why it is necessary to clean the litter box often, and by regularly we mean to empty up the old litter and put in the new litter every week and for the daily routine all you have to do is just take out the poop from the litter box and throw it out. So, it is vital to keep the litter box clean and disinfected for your cat’s safety.


How to clean the litter box

Litter box cleaning routine is different in different types of litter boxes. If you are using a regular cat litter box, you need to take out the pet waste every day. Sometimes it depends on which litter you are using. Cleaning the litter box is very important as it can cause a bad smell to your house. It is also crucial to both keeping the odors down and to your pet’s health. You need to get yourself sifters and commit to a time each day to take care of your job. First, you need to take out the waste and change the litter. If you are using a plastic litter box, follow the direction written on the bag. Also, take a little time to get the box a good scrubbing using an iron handle scrub bag. You also can make your own scrub using baking soda and water. Once everything is clean, you need to disinfect the litter box using a regular scrub. If you have your litter box for a long time and it smells, and it’s plastic, you can also consider using an enzyme cleaner. They eat bacteria for breakfast. Once it’s dry, it’s time to fill it back with some new litter. You need to make sure it’s properly dry. Just fill it up with how your cat is used to.

Depending on what type of litter you are using, it will depend on how long it will last. Some litter usually lasts about a month, and some may last for only one month. Finding the right litter for your cat is also a huge factor in how clean the litter box smells on a regular basis.

Dispose of the cat poop

It is imperative to dispose of the cat poop after cleaning the litter box. Once you have taken out the poop, you need to put that in a plastic bag to get rid of it and throw it in the trash box; this may help prevent environmental pollution. Dumping cat litter in the toilet is probably not a good idea because it will block up your sewer. If you have eliminated plastic bags from your life, you can put the litter in a bag that is already destined for the land field, and by that, we mean a bag that either has a wax lining or has food waste on it.  By doing this, you can easily get rid of the pet poop without even harming the environment.


How often you should clean the litter box

If you have more than one cat and use a normal litter tray, it needs to be scooped once a day or maybe even more than once a day if you are high maintenance about cleaning. You just need to take out the poop and throw it to the trash daily.  Also, they might stink. Of course, they will excrete every time they use it, but as we all have busy lives, we can not clean it every time. As far as how often they need to be washed, we would say at least once a week. They should be washed out often. That’s going to depend on what type of litter you use. Also, the plastic trays need to be replaced every six months because the plastic can trap odors and other dirt. That can cause a problem after a while, so it is necessary.



In this article, we tried to go through the fact that, what do I do if my cat poops in the litter box so you can have a better understanding of your responsibilities. It is not that easy to keep the litter box clean every day as we all have a busy life. Still, with fixed routine maintenance, it is effortless to stay up with the whole cleaning process, which is, on the other hand, very necessary for keeping your house smelling clean and your pet safe.

This was to help you get some knowledge and information to develop your own ideas of what to do after your cat poops in the litter box. If you are thinking about getting a cat in your house but not sure what to do with the litter box, this article will surely guide you to own a cat.

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