Where Should I Put My Cat’s Litter Box

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As a cat owner, you will need to be careful about many things regarding your cat. They have their own preferences, likes, and dislikes. You will need to maintain them. Usually, there are no general guidelines you can follow to go along with your cat.

But often a question might pop up in your head that “Where should I keep my cat’s litter box?”. Here, we will be exactly discussing that point. There are many things to take into consideration while you make that decision. Also, some factors such as your apartment size, litter box size, and type, your cat’s preferences that also come into play here.

First, let’s go through some considerations you must make before choosing a spot for your cat litter box.


Things to consider on where to put the litter box

You might think that the litter box location doesn’t affect much. But that’s a completely wrong idea about cats. They actually notice where the litter box is positioned. Based on that they are sometimes comfortable and sometimes uncomfortable. They might actually completely reject the litter box if it’s in a bad location.

Another thing to keep in mind is the basic rule for the cat litter box. Always keep an extra litter box for your cat. Even if you have got one cat you will need two litter boxes. Because some felines don’t prefer pooping and peeing in the same litter box. So, they need two different boxes.

Now let’s come to the point. Before you place your litter box, you will need to know these things. You can’t possibly put the cat litter box in the kitchen or in the middle of the living room. Just follow the below guidelines to have an idea of a perfect location for a cat litter box in your household.

  • Privacy for your cat: Cats really prefer to have the privacy of their own. Especially when they are pooping or peeing. This is their natural survival instinct. So, whenever you are choosing a place for your cat litter to be placed make sure it isn’t in an open space. Some kind of curtains or a covered area is a much preferable place for a litter box. This way they feel safe and comfortable taking out their waste.
  • Leave out some space: While privacy is a concern don’t go overboard with that. If you make the area congested your cat might feel suffocated or trapped inside somewhere. This eventually causes discomfort. So, go for a place that is a bit open and has some space for breathing. Another reason for this is to keep an escape route open for your cat. When it feels threatened it might want to escape the area. So, make sure there is a way open for your cat to go.
  • Quite place: When cats are pooping or peeing, they prefer silence. They don’t want anyone else roaming around them. Avoid placing the cat litter box away from all kinds of noises. Don’t keep the litter box near appliances like washers, dryers, or anything that makes disturbing noises. It might stress your cat out while using the litter box. While you might think once or twice doesn’t affect them much, it actually affects them a lot. They have a tendency to grow fear from something quite easily. Once there is fear grown into them, they will reject doing the activity forever. In this case, they might not ever use the litter box in the same position.
  • Place the litter box far from food: Cats are very self-aware animals. They love cleanliness like no other creature. So, when you place a litter box don’t keep it near their food. This is for sanitary purposes. Other than that, you must respect your cat’s nature for going after food when they smell it. If you keep the litter box near food, they will try to get the food even before they are done with taking out their waste.
  • Stick to the ground floor: This is important if you have got a kitten or an aged cat. If you are living in an apartment with two floors then always prefer the ground floor for the litter box location. Cats usually climb stairs every now and then. But if they have to climb the stairs to take piss or poop then it will be like forcing them. You don’t want that to do to your cat. Also, don’t choose dark and dank places around your house such as basements. As they tend to have too many germs and bacteria. The best thing to do is to keep a litter box on each of the floors in a suitable and fixed position. That way your cat can have comfort and won’t need to force itself.
  • An open entrance: No matter where you are placing the litter box make sure to have an open door. If you keep it closed then there is literally no point of having a litter box in that place. You will need to make sure your cat has access to that place whenever it wants to. Another to keep in mind is to have enough access to light in that place.
  • Hide your litter box: All the things we talked about above are mostly focused on your cat’s wellbeing and preferences. Let’s talk to the owner now. Well, you want a litter box and need a perfect spot for it. But you don’t it to be an eyesore. You don’t want people to come into your house and look at the litter box immediately. This is something you would want to avoid at all costs. There are solutions to this problem as well. If the spot you have chosen is in an open place where a litter box will be visible you can go for cat litter box furniture.  There is so much litter box furniture built for this purpose. This way you can satisfy your cat with the perfectly positioned litter box. And it won’t be an eyesore either. It also helps you save some space at your house.

Doesn’t matter what kind of litter box you have got. They may be small litter boxes or large litter boxes. They can be self-cleaning litter boxes or can be the normal ones. You will need to go through the process of choosing the best place for your cat litter box. Finding the perfect spot will surely take some time. So, you can start out with places like inside the bathroom, under the sink, guest bedrooms, closets. But make sure the place doesn’t invite too much gathering or too much noise.



Finding the perfect place for keeping your cat’s litter box is very important. Sometimes your cat might even stop using the litter box if they don’t like the position. So, you will need to play around a bit with the location of the litter box. Learn what location your cat prefers for using the litter box. And to find suitable places you can follow along with our article. Here we tried to give you a general guideline to “Where should I keep my cat’s litter box?”. This will help you figure out different locations to find the best one for your feline friend.


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