Why My Dog Won’t Go Outside with Me (And the Solutions!)

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Last week my younger brother came to me and said, “my dog won’t go outside with me.” He was very upset because it was just a week he got his new pet. All the time he wished to walk around the area with his dog. But now, she isn’t willing to go outside. That day I talked with a few of my friends and learned that it is a very common problem. However, we manage to talk to a lot of experts and veterans to find out the reasons and solutions.

Generally, a dog doesn’t like to go out for a few common reasons and the reasons include:

  • Stress and traumatized
  • Unfamiliar environment, weather, and even owner
  • Wrong-way of training or unsocialized
  • Health issues

However, my brother’s dog was actually traumatized by her past experience. So, my brother started acting to be more helpful and trusted to her. And it works. Gradually, the dog starts believing in my brother and a few weeks later, she developed her interest in going out. However, I got this problem to be very common and so, I am here today to share everything I learned about it.


Reasons of My Dog Not Willing to Go Out

Dogs generally are very interested in going out for a walk, isn’t it? But there are some reasons for what your adorable pet disagrees with and walk with you. We have talked to a lot of veterans and experts and learned about the basic reasons, a dog just loses her interest in walking and also about the outside world. Let’s see which reason it bothers your pet dog.

  • Past trauma

It can happen because of any terrible incident of your dog from her previous experience. There might be something that she is afraid of facing again such as getting injured by any harmful object. It can be an accident or something similar.

In that situation, the outdoor surroundings are reminding her of those accidental issues. Therefore, they feel more safe and secure inside than the places outside. Only you can help her overcome the trauma. You have to assure her that you will protect her anyway.

  • Uncomfortable Weather

Inside your house, it is an intact area so your dog cannot understand the harshness of weather changes. But when she goes out, she might not feel comfortable as it is new to her.

If she faces any unexpected climatic issue, she won’t be interested to go outside further. It’s because they will feel insecure about the situation. Again, if it is too cold or hot outside, your dog may not want to experience it either.

  • Unfamiliar Place

Even we humans always need time to get adjusted to a new place. Similarly, it is very normal for your dog to take a while to get used to a new space. She may not think the place is a safe zone for her. At the same time, she can be afraid of going outside in the new place thinking it is a harmful place.

This reason mostly happens when you suddenly shift to a new home. In this case, you can remain tension-free that the situation will not continue longer and she will get over it with time.

  • Noisy Place

Dogs are more responsive to sounds than humans. From a distant space, they have the ability to catch sound frequencies above the human hearing range. As a result, a crowded place will seem noisier to your dog than the regular one.

Moreover, the sounds from vehicles and other sound-producing objects make it more intolerable for her. Then she will find it comfortable in the home. As a result, out of being frightened, she may not wish to go out.

  • Unsocialized

Socialization is very important for your dog. Especially at a young age, if they don’t get in touch with other animals and humans, it becomes tougher for them to interact with new people.

In order to overcome that discomfort and nervousness of your dog, you should make her habituated to get together with others in the first 16 weeks. Remember that, an unsocialized dog often hates it to go out so that she doesn’t need to meet others.

  • Painful Body Parts

When your dog is not willing to go outside, there is quite a possibility that she has any kind of aching in her body parts. In that condition, you must examine the reason behind her inactivity. You have to notice if she is suffering from a health disorder too.

Whenever you see any symptom of injury, you have to consult with a veterinary doctor without any delay. So, your dog gets the proper aid within the right time.

  • Being Old

Aging is a natural process for dogs but it can be a reason for their unusual behavior as well. A lot of changes happen inside their body and mind. As they are getting older, they become weaker and more sensitive.

Sometimes, she starts becoming more concerned about problems they may face outside. Canine cognitive dysfunction is a familiar issue. Your dog might suffer in this.

  • Not Trained Properly

The training period is very sensitive for all dogs. However, during that time it is possible for your dog to adopt negative reflex action if the training is not proper. And this kind of action can improve anxiety and stress.

At that time, the dog may have gone through any type of training that she was forced to go through. Then, she can show her fear and anxiety of that incident with her behavior.

By far, these are the most common issues dogs face when they are not willing to go out. If none of these reasons is happening for your dog, I think, you should go for a veteran as soon as possible. And if you already find out the reason, you have to take the proper initiative to help her.


What You Shouldn’t Do When You Dog Is Afraid of Going Outside

You have learned about the possible reasons your dog denies going outside. You see that the most common reason is being afraid of a previous incident or being stressed about that. However, if your dog isn’t likely to go for a walk with you outside of your home, you should never push her to walk. Also, make sure that you are not doing the following treatment as well.

  • Not to Punish Her

It would be the most unethical issue if you punish your dog for not going out with you. Remember that, punishing your dog can never make any solution or change her behavior.

Besides, yelling at her or beating her for any reason can lead her to be aggressive or mentally unstable. Even, it makes her more fearful of going outside to have a walk. So, you have to deal with her gently and passionately. You have to make sure that you are a safe person and will always protect her.

  • Not to Flood the Dog

Well, the term means just as I said a moment ago. I mean not to push her to walk without her willingness. Flooding a dog actually stands for forming a behavioral therapy. To say it more specifically, it means to overthrow a new habit by pushing her hard.

Remember that there is always a risk of losing control over the dog by flooding it. It also causes her to have impaired cognitive development and other behavioral issues as well.

  • Not to Make Her Go Outside

And finally, it is about not taking her outside by carrying her forcefully. This kind of work can be harmful to her too. It can make her fearful and she may think that you are taking her outside of the home to kill her.

So, these are the things you should avoid at any cost when your dog is not willing to go out for a walk. You must think about what to do then, right? Well, the following section will help you find out a solution, I promise.


How to Make My Dog Wishing to Go Out

When talking to the experts and veterans, we also seek out ways to make the dog wish to walk outside on its own. You can make her agree to go out by just saying. There are some ways you can follow to make her interested in the outside world and also to help her come out of fear.

  • Starting with the Nearby Space

If your new dog is not willing to go outside, you have to train her little by little to get introduced to the outside world. You can start with the small space nearby your home first. It can be the lobby or the backyard. Make sure you are making the trip playful and help her enjoy the time. Then you have to increase the area of her roaming around. This process is really helpful and it is safe too.

  • Using a Stroller

Yes, using a stroller is a very good solution to motivate your dog to go outside. It may seem weird but it really works. However, when you are using a stroller you will have to move it forward and so walk behind it. That means the dog won’t get to you around his eyesight. It will help her to be more interested in going outside.

  • Let Her Be Alone for a Moment

At your home, you can keep her alone for a moment regularly. It will help her be courageous. Maybe she is very much dependent on you and she is very afraid. That’s why she doesn’t like to go out and see the world even if you are with her. In this case. You can keep her alone and let her be mentally confident.

  • Try to Be More Faithful to Her

The very common reason dogs do not like to go outside is their fearfulness. Perhaps, she doesn’t develop enough trust in you. She doesn’t think that you can help her to survive if the situation is harsh on the outside.

So, you have to be more friendly and connected with her. You have to make her feel better with you. When she starts trusting you, she will not be afraid to go outside.

I don’t think only one way will work properly. You have to follow more. Besides, you can help her to overcome her stress and past trauma. It is possible only when she starts believing in you. So, your connection and bond with your dog are most important in this case.


Final Thoughts

Now is the time you start finding the basic reason for your question about ‘why my dog won’t go outside with me.’ Once you learn the reason you will automatically get what to do to help her. I remind you again to avoid behaving with her harshly and rudely. Not also, punish or force her for that. Be more friendly and gentle to her. She will definitely trust you and will wish to go out with you again.

That’s all for today. If you have something to ask just go-ahead to the comment box. Very soon, we will be there for you. So, will see you again with something new. Till now stay safe and connected with your pet. Thank you.

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